Love and Hip Hop Recap

A new reality show has proved itself to be a ratings bonanza for VH-1. The show with its extreme characters, poor use of the English language, and sad commentary on life in the Urban Capitol of the US. Love and Hip Hop has become must see TV for over 4.1 million viewers.

Love And Hip Hop Cast

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is the latest reality television show to put a spotlight on the undoing of relationships between men and women in America. The show centers around a hip hop music producer called Stevie J. He is in a relationship with Mimi that has been ongoing for over 15 years. They have a child together and for most of us we would consider them to be some type of family unit. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Stevie J is also involved with another woman named Jocelyn. She is a stripper turned want-to-be hip hop artist. She has been in a relationship with Stevie J for about three years and is well aware of his relationship with Mimi. Both women know about each other and even though they both want him for themselves; they put up with sharing him. By the end of the season; Mimi decides to disengage in the relationship with Stevie J.

The show has an amazing array of characters that create quite a bit of drama with the help of all the others on the show. First there is the rapper, Lil Scrappy who has been in a relationship with Erica for a while but he feels she is incapable of giving him the love that he really needs. It doesn’t help that the conversations he continues to have with his mother A.K.A. Momma Dee are used to make decisions about his relationship. He consults with his mother as if he is incapable of making a decision on his own. He is definitely a momma’s boy. There is also another woman in his life named Shay. He claims that they are just friends yet when he is alone with her, there appears to be so much more to their situation. By the end of the show the two of them had broken up and looks as if he will explore a more serious relationship with Shay.

Benzino is Stevie J’s best friend. He advises him time and time again on the right way to handle his relationship with Mimi, yet it all seems to fall on deaf ears. Benzino is dating Karlie who he seems to love, but feels that she has doubts about the relationship. During the season finale he proposes to Karlie but changes his mind and takes the ring back when she asks if he’s sure that he is ready for such a commitment. Instead of becoming engaged they end up breaking up. This is what Love and Hip Hop is all about.

Reality shows are a psychologist dream come true. They show every aspect of the human psyche and then some. The attitudes and behaviors of the reality TV show participants are those deep rooted in emotional baggage and low self-esteem. They seem to bring out the worst in relationships whether they are intimate or friendships. If you go back to the beginning of reality TV; when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were married and opened up their lives to the entire world, this was just the beginning. We got to see all of the flaws they both possessed and most of us saw the divorce in the making as their lives unfolded before our eyes. This is the good and bad of Reality TV. There are some things that went on in their personal lives that should have stayed personal to just the two of them. Once that core tenant was violated; Hollywood felt they had carte blanche to freely exploit any other celebrity or common person that wanted their 15 minutes of fame.

These programs show us some of the worst behavior in society today. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is just one of many. With divorces on the rise and good relationships seeming to be a thing of the past; what examples are being set for the next generation? Men and women verbally abusing each other in the name of the almighty dollar shows all of us how greed can be a motivator for poor morals and values.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is another Reality TV that has garnered fame and fortune by exploiting the negative side of a culture. These characters whom just happen to be real people are bad representations of what urban relationships really are. Apparently millions of viewers cannot wait to see what dysfunctional behavior will be coming up next season. This just goes to show you; the worst the behavior on Reality TV shows, the more we love them. Does that mean we are all falling prey to this negativity about relationships? Hopefully, the answer is No.

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