If your touring different apartment communities, you should realize that there are certain apartment communities and locations within the community that you should avoid. However, it will take a little work on your part in order to make the best living choices. Some of these include apartment features inside the apartment homes themselves and the actual location of the unit on the property. Many renters move in their apartment home only to discover their unhappiness afterwards. Read on to avoid these common mistakes

Are You Facing a Busy Street or Freeway

Many apartment communities have excellent locations along freeways which allow for lots of drive-by traffic. If you decide to tour one of these properties and you decide to submit an application, ask for a unit that does not face the freeway. These units usually have an awful view and are vulnerable to lots of traffic noise. The last thing you want is to come home from work only to hear the noise from cars flying on the freeway. You will be better off if you can lease a spot in the interior of the unit or facing another direction.

What Floor are You On

If you live in a community that has several floors, you may want to know who is living directly above you and next to you. Some apartment communities have thin walls, and this can provide you with a huge inconvenience. Of course if you live on the top floor of your community, you can have the piece of mind nobody will by making noise directly above you. So take this into consideration before you sign your lease. Take a friend with you on your tour. If both of you can occupy two rooms that are directly next to each other, you could test how thick the walls are.


Ask about parking. Will you have your own reserved spot. Or is this a first come first serve basis. Will you have friends and guests over. Some apartment communities will overflow with cars. And even though your a tenant, you might be left parking on the street.