It's no surprise that for unscrupulous auto mechanics, auto repair rip-offs, frauds, and scams is a common practice. According to the Consumer Federation of America, out of the top ten consumer complaints categories, auto is placed number one. There are honest mechanics too, but spotting the reputable ones is a bit more difficult. To separate a good mechanic from the bad, look out for these signs and factors.

Research and Get Repairs in Writing – First and foremost, before getting anything done to your vehicle, research your car's mechanical problem, understand what is wrong before taking it to the shop. Once you take it to the shop, make sure you get it in writing what the mechanics are going to do to improve the car's overall performance with complete service and labor costs in writing. Make sure you keep records of these in case you find out that you need to hire an attorney who specializes in…California lemon law…they can help you prevent unnecessary car repair costs, too.

Don't be Pressured into More Services – Do not be pressured into more services if there is no urgency. It is the shops job to give suggestions, but be suspicious when mechanics gives a long recommendation list when you only go in for a simple service. If needed, get a second opinion because 40 percent of repair bills have some degree of fraud, says the California Auto Body Association.

Go for a Drive with a Mechanic – Some mechanical problem can only be found by taking the car for a test drive. Good mechanics shouldn't have a problem taking your vehicle for a drive to pinpoint a car problem that pertains to a noise or a problem that comes and goes. Mechanics not taking their time to identify the problem is wasting your time and money.

Look for Reputable Repair Shop Clues – Finding a reputable repair shop is easy. Just look out for signs that claims the auto shop is California Bureau of Automotive Repair approved or even American Automotive Association certified. Outer appearance is important as well, such as shop appearance and mechanical personnel professionalism.

Get a Guarantee from Mechanics – Mechanics with nothing to hide shouldn't mind giving out a guarantee of their work in writing to the drivers. Guarantees on worked done on your car should cover the repairs under the warranty no matter where you are. Ask for the shop's guarantee if possible and find out what the guarantee covers.