Watch Dogs
Credit: Ubisoft Montreal

November 19th marks the release of an hugely anticipated game called Watch Dogs. In production by Ubisoft Montreal, it aims to take on a role not seen before in game genres. The game will bring an open style world similar to the hit games Grand Theft Auto except with a different twist. The difference is that this is a hacking game where everything is connected to the "Central Operating System" of Chicago. Aidan Pierce the character we control can use various devices scattered around the city to help him out. Devices can be used for various objectives, for instance the player can take control of traffic lights to turn them to green and cause collisions or they can use the cameras to spy on people's conversations. 

With technology for games advancing, players can take on roles never seen before and you can decide to be the good guy or bad guy; what I mean by this is if you are caught by a camera killing a citizen and you decide to walk into a store where there are TV's you may get caught when your face pops up on the in game news. Not only can you get caught on the news but you can also become a legend on social media as the more times you do actions the more attention the citizens give to you on their social media. While there is a multiplayer, no aspects of it have been released.

At E3 we saw a lengthy demo of the game, in it we saw various devices getting hacked, cops trying to chase Pierce and also beautiful graphics which just looked phenomenal; The minute the demo started I immediatly noticed the rain, the shadows and the detail in the art of the game. With next generation games making their appearances we can expect more games like Watch Dogs and this perhaps marks the time where we will no longer experience the issues we had with older games. Also the noticable upgrades to the consoles are allowing developers such as Ubisoft crank out better software time and time again.

With a host of new games on the arrival you can expect many more announcements very soon and if you already want to view more you can check out another next generation game called The Division here. I recommend this game as it looks to be a great game and as we get closer and closer to the release we will see more information about the game appear!




Watch Dogs, a world that is connected. You play as Aidan Pierce and using your smart phone you can connect to the Central Operating System and use it to your advantage. Take out enemies and stop crime or cause it, you can choose to be a hero or villain in this open world next generation game.