If you are a mixed martial arts fan from the UK, now do you get to watch the Strikeforce events. Well most people from the UK have Sky TV and even the most basic package contains the Bravo channel. Bravo usually shows the Srikeforce cards the following night at around 10pm. Last weekend was the massive Strikeforce Nashville event, which had a whopping three titles fights on the card. So it was definitely a card that every true mma fan wanted to see.

Bravo showed this event at 10pm last Sunday, it was only a 2 hour long show though. So they only got to show 2 fights. These fights were the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship fight between Jake Shields vs Dan Henderson and the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship fight between Gegard Mousasi vs Muhammed Lawal. Both fights went five rounds, which didn't leave any time left over to broadcast any other of the fights on the card.

Watching Strikeforce on Bravo does have a few disadvantages though, number one is definitely the length of the show. 2 hours is way too short to show a fight card, were especially all the fights are going the distance. Number two is you are not watching it live, which too be honest doesn't really bother me. Here in the UK, we can get the live UFC cards on ESPN, but with the time zone difference it starts at 3am. Plus the amount of adverts in between fights and rounds is ridiculous. The UFC card is a 3 hour show, by recording it and fast forwarding the adverts I can cut this down to 2 hours and watch it at a time that suit me.

If you like watching your mma live though, especially the Strikeforce events, then there are websites online that run free streams, or you can pay a set fee and watch it from all different camera angles. I think that you can buy a live feed were you can choose the camera angle off the Strikeforce website, I'm not 100% sure on that though.

Because the strikeforce shows are only 2 hours long on bravo, you don't get to see many of the undercard fights, take Strikeforce Nashville last weekend. You missed the Strikeforce Lightweight championship fight between Gilbert Melendlez vs Shinya Aoki, which on paper looked like it was going to be a fantastic fight. A quick way to catch up on the fights you missed is with the video sharing websites such as youtube. The quality on a lot of the videos isn't 100%, but it is definitely worth watching if you are a mma fan.

Mixed Martial Arts is growing rapidly in the UK, but most of us Brits think that mma is just the UFC. It isn't there a lot of good fights out there away from the UFC and strikeforce at the moment has some pretty big names on their roster. Names such as heavyweight MMA legend Fedor and Bobby Lashley the ex WWE wrestling superstar. He is coming on in leaps and bounds and will definitely be one to watch over the coming years. So if you live in the UK and you love your MMA then you have got to start watching Strikeforce.