Immense soundtrack, Great cast, Wonderfully atmospheric, Great mix of drama and action.


Epic Length, Comic Dialogue

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This is my first film review so feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for improvements e.t.c. Thank You


Watchmen is a screen adaption of Alan Moore's acclaimed graphic novel and due to its enormous cult following the film has had alot to live up to. I have read the graphic novel myself and while there are a great number of people that have claimed the film does not touch on the greatness of the novel. I myself disagree. I believe that Zack Snyder, who has previously directed films such as the violent epic 300 (also based on a graphic novel) has managed to meet expectation and has managed not to distort the stories message which is primarily anti-warfare.
The film does not have a star studded cast and instead Zack has found a cast of talented individuals, who manage to portray the characters effectively, most notably Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach who's performance is award worthy. The dialogue of the film is sometimes clearly taken from a graphic novel but while this can be relatively cheesy in some scenes it does remind us that this is an adaptation and is trying to remain loyal to its source material. I do not wish to reveal any spoilers so all I will say is that the ending of the film has quite a significante change from that of the graphic novel but it does not distort the message of the film and it maintains the realism of a real world and the feeling of an alternate past , sounds strange , but if you watch the film all will become clear.
The changes which have been made I felt were a massive improvement from the graphic novel and while the film maintains its wonderful darklly complex story it has had minor tweaks made to it that make it slightly more humerous and less depressing then its source material. The film's cinematography is exellent and improves the films gritty, cold war era feeling and the amound of small details added to the scenery which are present in the graphic novel is amazing. Also the film benefits from a fantastic soundtrack comparable to Pulp Fiction in its greatness, containing everything from Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix.
The only thing which I believe may put some individuals off seeing the film is that is its almost 3 hours long in length, which although being entirely neccesary due to the length of the story can be off putting and uncomfortable for certian individuals, but yet you end up walking out of the cinema numb yet fulfilled.

In Closing