Who would have thought, that water will be crucial in running your car? With the new hydrogen conversion technology, water is utilized to supplement gasoline for vehicles. Hydroxy or HHO (also called Brown's Gas) is distilled from water and applied to supplement energy and fuel to your car's engine.

This is a great engineering given that we are immobilized in the midst of ever rising prices of gasoline. This technology provides us relief from the crisis that's breaking all our backs.

So having this new discovery, will water be the next oil? There are individuals who see water as a future commodity. Hence it may be as profitable in the same aspect as oil. There are people who sees that the decreasing certain water bodies is similar to the depletion of oil reserves. While there are some conservationists that see environmental abuse of water much the same as the abuse and waste of oil. Even if 70% of Earth is shrouded with water, only 3% is healthy for human consumption. With this 3%, 2/3 if this is frozen and mostly glaciers and ice caps. Only 1% then would be in hand for human use. The rest of 97% is sea water which is not fit for human drinking nor for agriculture.

The world is facing up an oil crisis, we are facing the exhaustion of fossil fuels. Water is slowly undergoing the same kind of exploitation. Water bodies are becoming contaminated and polluted by several industrial plants. Water bodies are drying out up in certain nation, leading to thirst and drought. Ironically, the unrestrained use of oil and other fuel is resulting into water crisis. Burning of fossil fuels resulted to global warming, the melting of glaciers and early snowmelts. It also resulted into climate changes that brought a bit much rain in some places and little in other locations.

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Water is becoming a very hot- commodity. It even snagged focus of the big equipment companies like General Electric. Water markets include driking water dispersion, direction, waste treatment and agriculture. It is closely a $500 billion market and is growing really fast. Another oragnization who sees big potential in water-related businesses would be the Zurich –based Sustainable Asset Management. Japanese- Dutch consulting company which Japan Insite is putting together an 80 million Euro water fund.

But privatizing water is clashing with global "water is human right movement". Since water is essential for human life, its dispersion should be made promptly available for the public and not merely for those who can afford water. The poorest may not even have safe drinking water if the water will be privatized, as the water warriors will say. Drinking water will become a luxury and a dominant image in advertising.

Affordable water isn't only a problem for developing countries such in India and China. Southern Europe, Israel, the western part of the United States, the Middle East, and locations in Southeast Asia such as Singapore all endure from scarce water resources (www.redherring.com).

Running your car with water as addendum for gasoline also reflects a more cryptic conflict between gas, oil and water. Whether water is being regarded the "blue oil" or the new source of gas, one thing is crucial, that we take care of this as a one of our chief source of life. Certainly, we do not want to experience what we're experiencing now in the gasoline industry.

We know how hard it is to battle high prices of commodities. Hopefully water won't be one of them.