Any physical exercise capable of substantially increasing the heart rate as well as the body's intake of oxygen performed long enough to benefit the condition of the human body such as walking, running, dancing, and swimming are defined as aerobic exercises. Water aerobics exercise or aqua aerobics means performing aerobic exercise in shallow water source such as a swimming pool. Water aerobics exercise is a cooler and fun way to work out.

There are varieties of water aerobics exercise which include running, jogging and walking underwater in a pool. It provides a total body workout. The ideal location for a water aerobics exercise routine is a temperature-controlled swimming pool.

You can start your water aerobics exercise with simple exercise like walking in the shallow end of the pool. Gradually you can move to thigh-deep and then chest deep water and finally submerged water aerobics exercise. Generally water aerobics exercise which lasts for about 45 minutes should include warm-up, cool-down and stretching exercises. Eventually you can enjoy the advanced water aerobics including dance and calisthenics movements performed with or without music according to your wish. Jogging, kicking and jumping are obviously part good aqua aerobic exercise routines.

Each aerobic exercise in water should be held for about 20 -60 seconds. Make sure that you stretch both sides in turn. For any good aqua aerobic exercise assure that you breathe rhythmically and allow your body naturally to be in tune with the gentle flow of the water. Apart from this walk 1-2 laps in the pool called walking laps and repeat about 5 times. if you are doing aqua aerobics then make sure that you do water squats also for this stand in water with feet apart. Bend knees and push the hips back just like sitting on a chair. Repeat water aerobic exercise about 5 times and you can feel your muscles stretched.

Water aerobic exercises can take the drudgery out of your routine exercise schedule. Water aerobic exercises are an excellent way to burn off fat and build strength and aerobic capacity. A 60 minute workout in water can burn between 350-500 calories depending on intensity of water aerobic exercise. Other benefits are listed below:

  • Water aerobics allows a person to exercise every muscle and every joint in the body all at the same time.

  • Water aerobics are cooler as the water cools off your body for the entire time especially in the scorching heat of summer.

  • water aerobics can be performed irrespective of the age because the water causes your body to be buoyant, thus causing less strain and stress on your joints and muscles

  • Water aerobics is considered to benefit persons suffering from arthritis and multiple sclerosis may be because you have to bear 50% of your weight.

  • The multi-directional resistance provided an excellent rehabilitating exercise therapy.

  • It improves your cardio-respiratory fitness level.

  • It is considered an ideal exercise for pregnant women as the risk of injury is comparatively lower.

  • The muscles build strength and come in shape.

It is worth mentioning that there is negligible post exercise stiffness after a water exercises. The massage effect of water enhances circulation and eventually relaxes body. At last aquatic aerobic exercise is a refreshing activity and can be a fantastic way for a family or friends to spend an evening together.

There are certain golden rules you must follow. Firstly don’t forget to keep yourself well hydrated when indulging in water aerobic exercise. Apply good quality moisturizer and water-resistant sunscreen to ward off the drying effect of chlorine. Buy a good pair of water shoes for your water exercise routine.