Is a Water Birth Right for You?

Have you been looking into water births and been thinking about adding this to your birthing plan? Every mother wants their baby's birth to be as safe and gentle as possible. This will give you a lot of benefits to both baby and mother during all the stages of birth.

For The Baby

* The warm water will give familiarity to the baby, helping to make the transition much easier. Birth can be an arduous process to the baby, so warm water will give a similar environment as the womb, which the baby is used to.

* The buoyancy the water gives will allow the mother's blood to freely flow allowing greater circulation giving the baby great oxygen flow.

* Water births give babies a gentler introduction into life because you and the pelvic muscles are more relaxed. This helps to avoid any tension to your baby's head while in the last stages of birth.

For The Mother

* Warm water will help ease labor and delivery pains because it creates a soothing and relaxing environment which will decrease the amount of anxiety. Anxiety makes adrenalin and this will shift the supply of blood away from the uterus and to all the vital organs. This will decrease the effectiveness of the contractions.

* The buoyancy in the water will take the weight off the body, in particular the abdomen and back which will allow for a lot more efficient contractions. Water births will also let woman stay in an upright position which is very conducive to helping with the delivery.

* You are able to shift positions and move about easily so you can get comfortable and help in the delivery of your baby.

* Natural deliveries with no surgery or drugs is extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience for any mother. This will allow the baby and mother to enjoy those first moments together without those after effects of surgery or drugs.

This will give a very strong mother-baby bond and conscious parenting. Water births are very beautiful experiences for mothers, couples and babies. It's a very relaxing experience for everyone involved which makes it all that much more precious.