Water Closets

Water closets are also known as "flush toilets", and are small rooms that contain a flush toilet, usually accompanied by a washbowl or sink. The water closet is made purposely for waste disposal, as it exists in places wherein one is not expected to take a bath (i.e. a fastfood restaurant), thus you don't normally expect to find a bathtub inside a water closet. Considered a revolutionary step in waste disposal, today's water closets have become avenues of decorative art, as they are not exempt from the parts of the house that are designed to look aesthetically pleasing.

Interior of a water closet

The three main things you find inside average water closets are the flush toilet, the washbowl and sink. The flush toilet design depends largely on cultural standards; however there are three main types: above-floor mounted toilet (pedestal), wall-mounted toilet (cantilever), or in-floor mounted toilet (natural position). The toilet, washbowl and sink are usually made of ceramic, and the walls and floor are ideally tiled. A window is especially advantageous in expelling any unpleasant smells, although most water closets are small, they should be strategically placed in a building so as to allow the installation of a window.

Tips on decorating a water closet

A good way to start in decorating small confined spaces like water closets would be to think of a basic theme or color scheme to work with. Do you prefer light pastels or vibrant, pulsing colors? Is there a certain cultural theme in mind, such as a Japanese or standard European arrangement? Once you've made up your mind on a theme, everything that follows is much easier to visualize.

Place a toilet rug in front of the toilet. The shape and style is up to you, or you may base its design on the scheme you've decided on. It helps add a little color to the room and at least provide a little comfort when you relieve yourself.

Bare walls and doors are good surfaces to add decorations. The back of the door should look especially pleasant, as this is what most people will be looking at in water closets. Hang a picture at the back of the door with a relaxing motif, such as a view of the calm ocean or a pleasant view of a garden in the sun. The colors in the picture should coordinate with the rug.

Position a potted plant on a shelf above the toilet. If this is not possible, then a large potted plant in the corner will do. It doesn't even have to be a real plant for the fresh, natural effect it provides.

Candles, particularly scented ones, are excellent for use in water closets, as they provide a soothing and relaxing sensation, as well aid in dispelling unwanted odor. Arrange candles where they are not likely to topple over and hurt someone; a shelf would be great for candle arrangements. This also keeps the water closet smelling fresh. Another option would be to use air fresheners once in a while.

One thing you might want to consider is the room's lighting. The right amount of light will brighten up the space considerably, and give an illusion of space as opposed to a darker room.

Ventilation also matters. As aforementioned, a window will help immensely in ensuring adequate air circulation in the room.

Lastly, the most important thing you can do to keep water closets looking classy and appealing is to keep it clean. Regularly check the walls and floor for mildew and scum on the tiles, and remember to clean out the flush toilet at least once every week. The door knob should be disinfected regularly, too, as door knobs have a propensity for harbouring and breeding bacteria.


Do not attempt to place more bathroom accessories in a water closet than is necessary. Water closets are usually confined spaces with limited areas for movement, and chances of knocking something over are high. Most are prone to overdecoration, but this will cause the space to look even smaller, and will cause subtle psychological effects that will make relieving oneself a problem.

Cost for decorating

The price for decorating water closets is based on the theme you have in mind or the materials you end up placing inside the closet. For example, your cost will increase if you choose to get a larger bathroom rug, as the average price range for a bathroom rug is abour $6 to 15$. A small potted fake plant can run for around just $5, and wall paintings are priced based on other factors. However, these bathroom accessories for water closets are available in your local department stores or on sites like KitchenSource or EverythingFurniture.