This water filter cartridge is made for Maytag and Jenn-Air refrigerators. It removes cysts, sediment, chlorine, lead and mercury and is NSF-certified. It is well-regarded by customers who bought it. This is fortunate since people who own Maytag refrigerators don't have any other alternatives.

This brand of water filter cartridge definitely improves the smell and taste of both your water and ice. Not only that, it is well-designed and easy to replace - there are no complicated instructions and most people can complete the entire replacement process in under a minute.

So does the Maytag water filter cartridge do its job?

If your water quality is already very high, you probably will not notice any difference, but people with poor water quality find that it greatly improves the taste of their water. Some people have said that it makes their water taste as good as bottled water. If you take apart a both a new and a used Puriclean II filter cartridge, you can see the stuff that is filtered out in the used filter cartridge.

How long does the Maytag water filter last?

On the web page for the Maytag water filter, the specifications say you need to replace it once a year. However, customer reports vary. Some say their water filter cartridge lasts more than a year, while other say their Maytag Puriclean II filter cartridge lasts less than 3 months.

This wide variance in water filter lifespan can be explained by differences in the quality of the water supply. If the water supply to your home is clean, your Maytag water filter will last longer. On the other hand, if the water has a lot of sediment, it will likely choke up very quickly. But do not just rely on the water flow as an indicator. Not all contaminants in your water supply consist of sediment. Some of the contaminants just make your water smell or taste bad but do not greatly choke up the filter. So you should also take this as an indicator to change your Puriclean II water filter. The same goes for chlorine in your water. While it is part of the municipal water treatment process meant to disinfect the water supply, many people do not like it. However, in this case, if you start smelling or tasting chlorine in your purified water, it can also serve as an indicator to change your water filter cartridge.

Generally speaking, you should change your water filter cartridge when the water flow significantly slows down, or the water starts tasting bad. Some of the Maytag refrigerators have an indicator light which claims to show when you should replace the water filter, but their advice should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Where can you buy replacement Puriclean II water filters?

In most areas, you should be able to buy it in any stores which also stock Mayfair refrigerators. If not, online retailers like Amazon are always a possibility. Unlike some brands of water filter, Maytag water filter cartridges do not seem to have any quality control problems. So they are safe to buy sight unseen. Amazon often offers a discount and free shipping, and you can sometimes find replacement Puriclean II filter cartridges in 2-packs and 3-packs for even greater savings.

So are these Maytag water filters worth it?

If you own a Maytag refrigerator, you do not have any other choices if you want purified water. At only $35 each (from Amazon), this is much cheaper than drinking bottled water. Of course, if you do not want filtered water, there is supposed to be a bypass or dummy filter that you can buy (it may come free with some Maytag refrigerator models).