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Similar to the healthy nature of yogurt, both water keifer and dairy keifer are two probiotic drinks that are easy and inexpensive to make. Both water and dairy keifer are created and contain living bacteria that is healthy to consume (hence the term "probiotic," pro: good, bios: life - "good life"). Think of water keifer as really healthy and living fruit juice and dairy keifer as a type of watery yogurt probiotic drink. Both are easy to make and help cultivate and maintain a healthy and resilient inner-eco-system, so to speak. 

Water Keifer vs Dairy Keiferwater keiferCredit: GNU Free Documentation License

Aside from the many similarities between the two probiotic drinks water keifer and dairy keifer, there are also many differences. The most obvious of these differences is that water keifer is made with, well, water! This means it's great for folks that don't (or can't) consume dairy, such as vegans and those with lactose intolerance. This point also means water keifer is less expensive to make at home, as there aren't any costs for the water. And it's also cheaper to buy, though water keifer is never usually marketed as such (look for terms such as "probiotic fruit drink" or "living juice drink"). All this said, water keifer is an excellent probiotic drink for both those who do and don't consume dairy products.

How to Make Keifer

The basic idea behind making any fermented food or drink is to introduce the desired bacteria, or "starter," to its favorite environment, allowing and even encouraging it to multiply and transform the food or drink into the desired fermented product. And the practice is just as simple as the theory. For those familiar with the process of making yogurt (more or less put a few tablespoons of yogurt into heated milk and then "incubate" it overnight), it's essentially the same but with one major difference: instead of introducing already-made keifer, one introduces keifer grains. That's right, grains. They aren't a cereal grain like wheat or barley, but a clump of bacteria that resembles a grain of sorts. They're what turns the water or dairy into a probiotic drink. Here are two detailed tutorials on making both water and dairy keifer:

  • how-to on making water keifer
  • how-to on making dairy keifer

 Keifer Resources

Once you're sold on the idea of making this wonderful probiotic drink, water keifer, at home, it's time to find an initial source of grains. It's more or less a one-time purchase, so long as you don't let the grains die. But they aren't expensive, and the initial cost quickly pays for itself. 

Two sources for purchasing keifer grains:

  • The Keifer Lady
  • Water Keifer Grains

Happy Fermenting!

Water keifer is a fun and healthy drink sure to please the individual, whole family, and even the whole community. Learn how and begin making it at home in efforts to live a fuller and healthier life. Water keifer really is one the best probiotic drinks around!