Whether it is at a remote hunting cabin or irrigation well out in the back 40, a submersible well pump is the easiest and best way to supply fresh water to wherever you need it straight from the well. Gone are the days of hauling bucket after bucket to where you need it, particularly if the amount of water you need exceeds your energy level. In other words, you do not feel like carrying it.

Depending on where you have your well dug, close to where you need it such as the cabin or orchard or a little bit away, the size of pump you need will depend largely on how far the water must travel. Pumps come in many different sizes to fit almost any application. The well digging company can help you size you pump and they will install it also.

Most pumps run on standard household current, but there are a few of the larger ones that will need a higher power source. The smaller submersible water well pumps, made for intermittent use, can be easily run from the homes electrical supply or a generator if you are in a remote area such as the woods or mountains. Vacation cabins particularly will benefit from this as there will be no need to haul enough bottled water with you to last the length of your visit.

Once your well is dug, make sure to have the water tested for potability. This is to see if it is good for drinking or just irrigating plants and fields. There is nothing like clear, fresh well water to drink as long as it is safe.

CFMs or cubic feet per minute are how most submersible well pumps are rated. This rating is to let you know how much water can be pumped at a time. Make sure this is high enough for your intended use.

A vacation cabin with no running water and children are a dangerous combination. They get dirty and so does the cabin. No one wants to work on their time off. Hauling water becomes a bigger chore than is necessary, so installing a good pump is the way to go.