Water picks are fantastic are making sure teeth and gums are healthy and clean. It is estimated that over half the population will suffer from gum disease within their lifetime. But this can be prevented by using the correct teeth cleaning equipment.

Why are water picks excellent at cleaning teeth

Water picks also known as hydro flossers or oral irrigators operate from a high pressure fine jet of water which helps to remove debris which is trapped in between the teeth and gums. This helps to stop plague building up and damaging the teeth, that eventually leads to gum disease. Use a water pick in conjunction with regular flossing and brushing and your teeth will start to improve almost overnight.

water pick for teeth and gumsNot so long ago water picks for teeth were such an expensive piece of dental equipment that they were only used by dental professionals. Well not any more there are now more and more cheap affordable water picks to be found on the high street. Let's take a quick look at an excellent model of water pick that will help aid your teeth and gums.

Waterpik Ultra WP100 Family Dental Water Jet

This model has been clinically proven to be more effective than flossing up to a whopping 93%. Most dentists highly recommend that you floss and brush your teeth and gums to help them stay healthy. But this just doesn't happen for lots of people. Most people don't floss often enough because they find it to be a unpleasant and painful chore. At last there is an excellent alternative to it in the shape of this fantastic machine.

The Waterpik Ultra is designed to gives you a mammoth water pressure of 10 to 90 PSI at 1200 pulses every minute. This device delivers the correct combination of pulsation and pressure to help ensure that all bacteria and debris which is lodged in between the teeth and gums is fully removed. In fact it go's deep into the teeth and gums by around 3 times deeps than just standard brushing alone.

It also stimulates and massages the gums to help improve circulation which leads to healthier and stronger gums. This machine has gone through over 50 published clinical tests and each test shows that the waterpik ultra dental water jet provides the user with significant dental benefits for people who suffer with diabetes, mild gum disease and wear braces.

This water pick for teeth is going to leave your teeth and gums feeling great. Included with the waterpik ultra machine is eight tips. Three of them being standard tips which help to keep teeth clean. Three tongue cleaner tips which help in removing bacteria which causes bad breath. One orthodontic tip which help to clean teeth in all those hard to reach places. And finally one pik pocket tip which is designed to rinse into the gum pockets using therapeutic rinses. Also the tips have been redesigned and are around 20% smaller than older previous models.

This water pick for teeth machine has been ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. It has got an advanced pressure control which has got 10 different pressure settings. It is extremely quiet when in use and is a mains powered unit. It comes complete with an instructional manual to quickly get you starting on using this wonderful device.