We all need to drink water everyday, for it is vital to our health and necessary to live. If you would like to know if the water you're consuming is safe there are a variety of ways to protect yourself from toxins in water. Why drink bad water when you do not have to. Protect yourself and your children with the following steps.

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The first thing to do is to get a municipal water report. It is easily found by calling up city council for it or going on the website. By law it is supposed to be readily available by law. You can get a CCR (Consumer Confidence Report) also which can be sent in the mail. There are a certain number of things we should be looking for on the water report.

1.) Make sure you know how much lead is in the water your drinking. The water report will tell you the average, the limitations, and it tells you the sources of the water. If you're getting stuff sent to your home, and comes through a lot of tubes, it may still pick up some junk along the way so that is why it is good to know the source.

2.) Check the nitrate and nitrite levels. It can come from sewer runoffs, runoff from fertilizers, or erosion of pipes. Again we need to check the product, how much is tolerable and source. Your body is able to tolerate a little bit but don't consume too much.

3.) E coli is something nobody wants to see in water. E coli comes from either animal or human feces. That is nothing that you would want to ingest.

4.) There should be no arsenic, cyanide, and mercury.

So now we know what is in our water and if it is high quality or not. But is that enough? No, there are a variety of ways to fix the problem because chances are complaining to the city mayor is not going to get much done in most cases. So what can we do?

Lets take it one step past the municipal water report. If you are getting water from a well or alternative way you need to figure out if your water is good.

You can purchase a Watersafe Drinking Water Test. What you do is take out the vials full of powder, add water and wait 48 hours. If the color turns purple its good. If the color is yellow, you have bacteria in your water. This is very easy and very simple. But can we take it one step further to protect our family from bacteria in our water? Yes we can.


To live as vital as you can you should use a water filter. It has a carbon filter which absorbs a lot of the chemicals. If you don't want to put water in a water pitcher all day that filters (Brita) water, then put a filter on top of the sink. They are screw on and cost about fifty bucks. There is no need to higher a plumber. You can also split the pipes underneath to use one faucet primarily for washing dishes and another one to just filter out your drinking water.

We also need to recognize that you can't bathe in water unless we know the water is clean. Chloroform, chlorine, and other bacteria in water enter our pores and our body soaks it in. This happens especially in hot showers because the hotter the shower, the more our pores open up.

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Shower systems are sold just like water filters on sinks that can screw on and cleanse through a carbon filter. If you can't afford a shower filter then don't put mister on high so you don't inhale all of the chemicals. Also don't put the shower on extremely hot so your body's pores do not absorb the toxic chemicals so easily.

These are just a couple of precautionary measures you can take to protect you and your family from toxic water.