The thrill of skiing on water surpasses many sporting activities. Here you will find step by step details to guide you as well as the safety from start to finish for your education and complete enjoyment.

Things You Will Need

1. A boat with a strong enough motor to pull a skier out of the water.

2. A captain to steer the boat

3. Another person, who will watch the skier and report to the captain when the skier is down in the water.

4. Personal coast guard approved life preserver to wear when skiing.

5. Water skis that have boots that are adjusted to fit the water skier.

6. Ski or tow rope with dual or single handle for holding onto while water skiing.

Step 1

Make sure you have a reliable captain, your scout person, a well equipped boat and enough fuel before beginning your water skiing adventure. Check your equipment so you will be familiar with how to place your skis on your feet. This should be done either in the boat or on land. Try on the life preserver and adjust it to snugly fit . Discuss any signs or signals the captain will be using for you as the water skier before you are in the water.

Step 2

Put your life preserver on and you are ready to follow these steps to be able to water ski.While you are in the water take one ski at a time and place one on each foot. Your captian will throw the tow rope into the water. Hold the ski rope in between your legs. Bend your legs as if in a squatting position with the tow rope around knee level. Keep the tips of the skis out of the water at a 30 degree angle to the water. Bend your arms at the elbows while holding onto the ski rope.

Step 3

As the captain throttles the engine of the boat, let the thrust of the engine pull you out of the water. Lean back as the boat pulls you up out of the water. Keep your knees bent to absorb the bouncing of the skis on the water. If there is some play in the tow rope, lift both arms, gently, to take the slack out of the ski rope. Let your skis rest on the water, fully when you are completely up on both skis. Gradually straighten your back and lean backward, so the tow rope is out in front of your body. Enjoy the rush of this wonderful water skiing sport.

Step 4

When you are finished water skiing, drop the tow rope. Your scout person will inform the captain you are down in the water. You will slowly, as if in slow motion, go down off the water and into it.
Check all equipment before leaving for your water skiing, adrenaline rush adventure. Do not go with a captain if he has been drinking alcohol. Do not drink alcohol if you will be water skiing.

Tips & Warnings