Water Wizard


No need to worry about half of the art project ending up on the carpet, the Water Wizard is mess and stain free.

The Water Wizard is a green product and 100% recycable.

The laptop style case means that this is great for bringing on journeys.


The lid of the pen can be difficult to open due to its `child friendly`lock.

Crayons, pens or pencils permanently mark the board, so make sure your child understands that they cannot use anything other than their special Wizard wand (aka the self-contained pen) on the board`s surface.

Full Review

Warm sunshine, blue skies and days on the beach - the summer season is finally upon us. Unfortunately, one less than desirable factor that undeniably comes hand in hand with the summer months is bored children. School is out, friends are on vacation, camp is expensive and if there is one phrase that a parent is likely to hear at least seven times a day during the months of July and August, it`s `I`m bored`! Filling up a whole day of activities can prove exhausting for parents and babysitters as they constantly search for activities to distract their little ones.

One way of occupying you child`s attention for a couple of hours is with a Water Wizard. This is a product from the makers of the innovative Buddha Board product. Vancouver- based comapany, Buddha Board Inc. launched over a decade ago and since then has added a number of products to its flagship product, the Original Buddha Board, including a kid`s line, the Water Wizard. Reflecting the West Coast attitude of relaxation and meditation, Buddha Boards are based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. You paint on the boards`special surface and your picture will come to life on the canvas like magic. Even more magical is the fact that your art will slowly disappear as the water evaporates, leaving you with a clean canvas ready to start all over again! This product has fascinated and baffled grown-ups since it came out, so you can only imagine the reaction of children as they watch their picture slowly fade away. Kids can let their imagination run wild with this board and, from a parents view, you can pass hours without having to conjure up means and ways of entertaining your children.

The Water Wizard is basically a kids version of the Laptop Buddha Board meaning it`s all the fun of an Original Buddha Board, but easier to transport - to close the board, you simply flip the lid over like a laptop and can carry it around in your backpack. For kids, it`s like an Etch A Sketch with water; for parents, its mess free. Yes, you heard correctly - MESS FREE! One of the best advantages of a Water Wizard from a parent`s perspective is that this is one art project that does not require creating a splash free zone by covering all surfaces with newspapers, decking the kids out in old clothes or cleaning paint pots. It really is a case of just adding water. The special self-contained Water Wizard pen is designed to prevent kids dripping a paintbrush of water all over your surfaces.

So, what comes with a Water Wizard? Well, in each package you receive the Water Wizard board which is like a canvas to paint your art on to. This comes in two colours: a vibrant aqua and a rich red. The box also includes a self-contained pen with a cap to prevent spillages and a kid-friendly instruction booklet.

This is a great distraction that will provide hours of amusement for your little wizard, simply pick up your wand and paint!

In Closing