If you are having problems making use of water or solar based technologies, it may be time to try wind turbines.  While most people setup conventional windmills, there are some new innovations that may make it easier for you to generate power at home.  As with anything else in the arena of renewable fuels, you will always be best served by owning the actual equipment instead of simply waiting for commercial power generating companies to provide a service.


Basic Elements of Water and Wind Turbine


A turbine is composed of three main parts.  First, the turbine must be in an appropriate position to capture as much water or wind as possible.  Today, most wind turbines make use of poles or other stands so that they can capture wind currents above the ground.  By contrast, most water turbines are placed under water falls or in fast moving rivers.  A turbine must also have a motor that can convert motion into electricity.  Finally, the turbine must have some device to capture the wind or water.  Most turbines make use of blades, paddles, or even cloth sheets for this purpose.


How to Boost Wind Turbine Power


Consider a situation where you have a system of five or six blades on a windmill.  As the wind hits the blades, most will simply slide off without causing much of an impact.  Researchers in Japan recently discovered that adding a band around the blades will redirect air back onto them and increase rotation speed.  In fact, turbines with this band can generate three times as much energy as conventional systems. 


Water Power: An Innovative Way to Put Your Drains to Good Use


Even though you may not realize it, every faucet and drain in your home can be a source of power.  All you need to do is create a fan apparatus that will either fit over the faucet nozzle, or within the drain.  From there, these small devices can be used to turn motors that will generate electricity.  If you already make use of garbage disposals, then you should be able to see how this type of system can generate electricity without sacrificing drainage speed.  You may also want to create a funnel for the top of rain barrels or other water capture devices that will help you concentrate rain in order to turn a turbine blade.


When you want to get rid of a bill, the worst thing you can do is simply trade one company for another one.  In that sense, when you wait for commercial energy generating companies to develop renewable sources of energy, all you will still have enormous utility bills.  On the other hand, generating your own power will truly give you a chance to save money, plus help you take control of your energy usage patterns.  Today, innovative approaches to water and wind power can help you achieve this goal.  At the very least, if you are planning to construct a wind turbine, or want to make use of water power, you can consider a few inexpensive modifications that will increase energy production.