Coffee and Water
Credit: Active Passive

Do you drink coffee every morning?  If the answer is yes than you are not alone.  Coffee or some form of it is one of the most popular beverages in the world.  The surprising thing is that not everyone drinks water with their coffee.  Wait.  Why do I need to drink water when I am drinking coffee you ask?  Keep reading friend...keep reading.

Caffeine is a Diuretic

Many people drink coffee because of the smell and the taste.  But many of us drink coffee for one reason and one reason only: caffeine.  You have probably heard that caffeine is a diuretic somewhere in the past.  But what exactly is a diuretic you ask?  A diuretic is a chemical that causes you to make urine.  In essence, it stimulates your kidneys to pulls water from your bloodstream into your bladder.  Although diuretic drugs are used frequently within hospitals to treat patients, there are other foods such as pineapple and kale that are natural diuretics as well.

Prevent Dehydration

Many people drink more than one cup of coffee throughout the day.  This is usually to prevent the mid day lull in energy.  However, have you ever felt poorly immediately or a few hours after drinking coffee?  This may in part be due to dehydration from the diuretic effects of caffeine.  Drinking water before, during or after coffee can change your life.  With this practice, you may start to notice more energy after drinking your coffee.  You may notice a more subtle crash as the caffeine begins to wane.  Since you are actively preventing dehydration, feel free drink that second or third cup of Joe!

How Much Water Should I Drink with Coffee?

Eight 8-ounce glasses of water is the recommended volume for each day.  However, not very many people accomplish this recommendation and the optimal volume of water intake varies from person to person.  This is because everyone's kidney function is different and everyone's response to diuretics such as caffeine are also variable.  Therefore, you need to determine the optimal amount of water intake for yourself.  If you find yourself using the restroom many times within a few hours, it may be ok for you to take a break for a while!

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