Waterbeds are coming back into fashion these days and a lot of people are buying them again. The most important part of a waterbed is a waterbed mattress. If you have the wrong type of mattress then you will find that you don't get peaceful nights sleep, and that is not good for your health, and definitely not good for anyone around you! We all know how cranky and tired we are when we don't get a great night sleep. When you are looking at waterbeds you will find that there are two types available. Hard sided waterbeds and soft sided waterbeds. Both contain the same styles of waterbed mattresses however it is the frames that are different. There is a little bit of history when we are talking about the mattresses used for waterbeds. Early water mattresses and a lot of modern ones that are really cheap use only one water chamber. These are also known as fee flow mattresses. This means that when the water is disturbed, such as when you would go to bed and pay on it, there would be a significant amount of wave action felt and only after some time did it stabilize. Later models, and ones that are a little bit more expensive, used wave-reducing methods to help you get a better nights sleep. These included fitting fiber batting and interconnected water chambers. The more expensive waterbed mattresses use this technology, you pay for quality. You will find that most waterbeds are heated. The temperature can be controlled by a thermostat attached to the bed and you can set it to whatever temperature suits you. There are advantages to this option. You will find that you get a good nights sleep and it can help a lot with muscle pain that you are feeling if you heat it up, however they use a lot of electricity ad you will notice it in your bill. So when you go to buy your waterbed mattress you need to consider quite a few things. You should choose a mattress that has limited waves and used the new technology, this is usually more expensive but it is worth it. A waterbed is naturally orthopedic and it molds itself around your spine to give you all over support. If you have pain in your joints then you should consider getting one that is able to heat up. You have been told a few times I am sure that heat can help you reduce the pain from muscles aches and joints, so a heated waterbed is a great way to keep you nice and warm at night. A mattress is the most important thing you will buy for your new home, and you can have the prettiest bed frame but when the mattress doesn't work for you, you will not sleep well and it will affect your life a lot. Be smart and research, there are a lot of choices and a waterbed mattress might just be the one for you.