Rainforest Waterfall Patio Fountain

Designs of backyard waterfall fountains have changed drastically. If you are planning to build one, you will recognize that there are innumerable options available these days. You need not worry about the natural landscape of your region or the style for your outdoor space. Given the options, you will certainly find it difficult to choose one! Themes are available from Hawaiian settings to the Arizona desert.

The accessories are so vast that you will be able to create the exact look you desire. Different shapes, types of stones, and selections of ferns and moss allow you to design a masterpiece that you will enjoy for years. Choosing the right options is a difficult task. Once you decide on the speculations, you may carry on with the rest of the necessary materials necessary to build the structure.  

Alpine Log Waterfall FountainOne of the options you must select is wall type. They come in a wide variety ranging from slanting walls, straight walls, sculpted figurine walls, to massive structures that create the effect of standing within a pristine garden. Wall waterfall fountains are also available in an incredible variety of different materials and designs so that you can incorporate them into any theme or setting.

There are all types of wall fountains available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Tabletop Options

Tabletop fountains can be placed on the top of a table or anywhere that has a flat surface. They are quite popular, because the only constraint is a space large enough to accommodate the fountain structure.

Floor Fountains

Floor fountains need a good space so that you can create a good effect of water flowing over a brook or stream.  These fountains can be set into the surroundings of a pool. As you step down into the pool you can feel the effect of water running down your feet as it spreads into the deep waters. Such fountains easily dominate a lot of space. Although these fountains are constructed in many sizes, none of them are miniscule.

Maintenance Tips for Waterfall Fountains:

Indoor Waterfall Wall Fountain

  • The fountain must be cleaned regularly or it will start emanating a foul smell and bathing in such water may cause skin rashes or other skin diseases.
  • The pumps are susceptible to damage if proper water flow is not maintained. Someone must assure weekly that the water level is at least at the minimum required so that the pump isn’t permanently damaged.  
  • Cover the pump with a mesh cloth so that foliage does not clog the motor.
  • Different surface materials of fountains must be cleaned regularly. Glass surfaces may be cleaned with vinegar while brass and copper require special cleaning equipment.
  • Winters may cause the freezing of water and hence damage the pump. If your locale has a harsh winter, consider draining the waterfall and moving it indoors until the frost is over.

Indoor fountains rarely suffer from clogging of pipes but outdoor fountains are susceptible to it, so the cleaning of pipes is a must.