If you are like me, you have spent countless hours preening every part of your garden area and back yard with the intention of providing the perfect space to achieve the maximum enjoyment for your efforts.  If, even after all this work, you still feel that there is something lacking in this special space, then you might consider some of the wonderful effects waterfall fountains can provide.  Anyone that has been around any type of waterfall, be it in nature or man made, is fully aware of the awesome calming, soothing effects of the sights and sounds the water makes as it falls and splashes into a flowing stream.  Fortunately for the back yard gardener, this effect can be achieved at our homes relatively easily.

After deciding to add a waterfall fountain to your garden area, you will need to select the exact unit that best fits your particular situation.  No matter the variety you eventually choose, you need to keep certain things in mind just like you do regardless of what it is you shopping for.  A waterfall made of high quality materials and with realistic looking materials will ultimately provide the best experience in your garden.  If you have a particular theme in your garden area, you may also consider the installation of a water feature that will continue that continuity.

No matter the type or types of water features you select, you will likely find that their installation will be similar and quite straight forward.  Most waterfall fountain will be completely self contained and consist of a water reservoir and a pump to recirculate the water from the reservoir and across or through any decorative features you install.  While these fountains generally require no plumbing to provide a water source since the water continually recycles the same water through the system, they will usually require access to electricity.  If your fountain is just a small unit in a pot or barrel and sits in a sunny area, you may be able to utilize one the many solar units available on the market today.  But a water feature of any size, will provide a more pleasing experience if a permanent source of electricity is used to power the unit. 

The most difficult part of the entire project will likely be making the decision when it comes to the type of unit to install.  Waterfall fountains are available in many varieties and type materials.  You may choose to add something as simple as a wall fountain or fountain in a barrel or you may select something more dramatic such as a multi-tiered unit with water cascading from stone to stone across different levels before trickling into a large garden pond containing a variety of fish and/or water plants.  Whatever choice you make, this addition to your back yard garden space will surely become the focal point of the garden and provide you, your family and guests with many hours of enjoyment as you relax next to this wonderful garden amenity.