Delicately beautiful and purely timeless, Waterford Christmas ornaments are a Christmas tradition worthy of any tree. Their stunning designs have made them seasonal collectibles, with some Christmas trees gracing many years worth of Waterford's annual holiday releases. It's a lovely sight to see, and they certainly add sparkle to the season no matter your home decor. Here you'll discover more on these beautiful ornaments, some of the varieties available, and the prices for them in stores.

Waterford Christmas Ornaments: Beyond The Crystal

Waterford crystal has been highly sought after by consumers world-wide since the company's founding in 1783. The high quality and stunning designs of the crystal pieces produced by Waterford has made them popular wedding gifts and home decorating pieces for more formal rooms and occasions. The Waterford line of products includes everything from decorative vases and stemware to business gifts and chandeliers. It's a wide array of beautiful products, but few have such a wide appeal as Waterford Christmas ornaments.

Waterford Silver 2012 Snowflake Ornament
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(price as of Jul 9, 2016)

Waterford 2012 Annual Snowstar Ornament

Waterford Christmas ornaments are no throw-away ornaments for sure. These are pieces that you collect and treasure year after year. In fact, in many families these ornaments are passed down through the generations as family heirlooms.

Waterford makes its crystal Christmas ornaments with the same eye for high-quality and beauty as it does all its other crystal pieces, and it shows. They just feel special. They have a timeless traditional look that cuts across home decorating motifs. And their beauty lifts the spirits of the holiday. In fact, they add a bit of magic to the season - like your home has put on its holiday best.

Marquis by Waterford Snowman Family Ornament

Waterford Hand-Blown Christmas Ornaments

Surprising to some, Waterford delivers more than perfectly crafted clear crystal ornaments. There's many different varieties of hand-blown glass Christmas ornaments available, all of which are very popular and just as beautiful. They are a great choice to mix up the look on your tree. These ornaments are all hand-made and hand-painted, so they're one-of-a-kind. You'll find all sorts of lovely Christmas motifs in this style, from Santa Claus with his presents to a family of happy snowmen. And you can't forget glass Christmas ball ornaments. Waterford has a beautiful selection of those, too.

A beautiful way to approach your Christmas tree is to mix and match across both the timeless crystal ornaments and the more playful hand-painted glass ornaments. It adds variety to your tree while not skimping on design and quality.

Waterford 2012 Annual Pierced Snow Crystal Ornament
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(price as of Jul 9, 2016)

Get Them While They're Hot: Waterford Limited-Edition Annual Ornaments

Each year, Waterford releases annual limited-edition versions of some of their ornaments. It's one of the things that makes them so special. There's only so many out there for some of the most spectacular varieties. Waterford releases an annual snowflake ornament, an annual angel ornament, and many more. As these ornaments are highly sought after, it's best to purchase them soon after their release, though you sometimes will find a handful of the previous year's limited-edition ornaments still available the following year. Waterford 2011 Annual Angel Ornament

Waterford Christmas Ornaments Make a Great Gift!

The holidays are a time for gift exchanges, and Waterford Christmas ornaments make exceptional gifts for the exchange at your company's holiday party or among friends. It's one of those gifts that is never a poor choice, as their beauty is undeniable and they just look expensive. And, if you've got ornament collectors in your family, they make terrific under the tree Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. 

Waterford Christmas Ornament Prices

You may be surprised at the prices of these beautiful Christmas ornaments, especially if you're willing to look at ornaments still available from a previous year's limited editions. In those, you can find some beauties between $20 and $40. If you're looking for the newest in the annual line, expect to pay a bit more - between $50 and $75 per ornament.

Any way you go, Waterford Christmas ornaments are a great choice for your Christmas tree. They've got beauty in spades and a collectability that's rarely matched among ornaments . They make the season shine just a little bit brighter.