The Best Care for a Wonderful Fruit

Tomatoes are a beautiful plant can really become a staple in homes that know how to grow, water and care for their tomato plants carefully. The tomato plant can be fairly large and require a lot of attention to grow those large prize tomatoes. They are known to grow between 1 to 3 meters in height with a weak stream that often crawls or vines other plants or the ground. This is why a "tomato stake" is used to support the stem. No only is it used for support, but the plant will actually climb and cling to the stake itself.
In biology we know that tomato is considered as a fruit but in culinary world it is often regarded as a vegetable therefore there tends to be some confusion in this area. But no matter how you classify the tomato, it is an excellent source of lycopene which has been known to be cancer-fighting nutrient. Because of its health benefits and flavor the tomato has been very popular in many different cultures and many different dishes.
Can you imagine an Italian dish without a single fresh tomato? Try to imagine pizza, spaghetti or lasagna without tomatoes! It is said that tomato are the most popular vegetable (or fruit) that can be grown in a home garden. But to be able to produce those red, plump and healthy tomatoes it requires more than soil and sunlight and water.

One must be able to perfect the science of watering tomatoes.

The first cardinal rule is you have to be patient in watering tomatoes. You have to invest time and go slow and easy. When you water these plants you have to make sure that water penetrates the soil up to 6 or 8 inches deep. This would allow the roots of the plant to adequately absorb water and transport it where it is needed.
The first cardinal rule in watering tomatoes is watering it at the soil line and not on top or on the leaves. Apart from making sure that the water is absorbed by the soil and the plant, this practice would also prevent the growth of tomato fungus on its leaves.

The most important tip is to water it regularly. It is suggested that you thoroughly water the plant a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 times a week- this includes the rain during summer. Watering the tomato plants regularly ensures that you sustain the pace in which the plant grows.

It is imperative that you know and understand and apply the watering techniques mentioned because watering is a critical component when ensuring that the tomatoes in your garden remain healthy. Some of the things that may happen to your tomato when inadequately watered include the following:

  1. fruits that have cracks and splits
  2. small fruits or lesser fruits per yield
  3. tomato fungus
  4. root loss or protruding roots
  5. rotting blossom end

Patience together with proper technique would be the best equation in making sure that you yield healthy tomatoes for your friends and family to enjoy.