Is your dog currently sleeping outdoors? Do you camp and you’d like a place for your pup to sleep while being off the ground? How about a dog bed that’s off of the cold and “buggy” ground and also is easy to clean? Let’s go one step further. How about a dog bed that’s off the ground, easy to clean, and waterproof? Of course! The best way to clean a dog bed is to hose it down. And with a waterproof dog bed, that’s exactly all it takes.

Many people today don’t really treat their pets like family. Either the dog sleeps outside, in the garage, or on the kitchen floor. Why put your pup through all of the hard surfaces of life? Wouldn’t you want your dog to be able to sleep comfortably and soundly at night? Of course you would. And that’s why you’ve stumbled upon this article. This review will help you to decide which of these 3 waterproof dog beds is best for your pup. For any of these designs, you can visit Amazon with this link.

Waterproof Dog Bed

All Aluminum Elevated Waterproof Dog Bed

This dog bed is chew-proof, made of pure aluminum, and is completely safe to wash with a hose because it’s waterproof! The X large size is 27 x 44 inches and weighs only 11 pounds. Here’s the description from the manufacturer:

“For superior strength and durability make sure your dog has the All Aluminum Dog Bed by Kuranda. The aluminum frames prevent the bed from bowing under the pressure of very large dogs, while still providing a very comfortable place for your pooch to call home. Uniquely designed, this dog bed is completely chew-proof, ensuring the safety and comfort of your little buddy! Features:

  • Provides firm, even support that no pillow or cushion can match.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum throughout.
  • Completely chew proof.
  • Extra-strength for very large dogs; added protection from chew marks.
  • Anodized finish on frame resists staining from chemicals or urine.
  • Soft, off the floor comfort.
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • For added comfort, fleece padding available separately.
  • Available in a variety of fabric and colors options.

Fabric Options:

  • Cordura nylon is a tough fabric that is generally long lasting, however it can be hard to clean as hair tends to stick to the texture of the fabric. Cordura is water proof and will puddle if rained on.
  • Vinyl weave is a porous, easy to clean, quick drying fabric. It is the least durable fabric available so replacements are more frequent than the other materials.
  • Ballistic nylon is the second most durable fabric available. Similar to Cordura, but is easier to clean; hair does not adhere to it, and it dries faster. Like Cordura it also puddles when rained on.
  • 40 oz. vinyl is the most durable fabric available.”

One customer has reviewed this product and says, “My Doberman chewed up every bed I bought him in about 20 minutes. Until, I bought the Kuranda chew proof bed. I don't think he will ever need another bed it really is CHEW PROOF!!!!” – Lance

Waterproof Dog Bed(45577)

The PuppyWalk Breezy Bed

Do you want a waterproof dog bed that also keeps your dog waterproof? Try the PuppyWalk Breezy Bed that has a canopy to keep the UV rays and rain from beating down on your pooch. Here’s what the company has to say about this product and the awards they’ve won for it.

“Make sure your pup has the perfect amount of shade on those hot summer days! The Breezy Bed by Kittywalk offers your pet an elevated indoor/outdoor bed with overhead sun and rain protection, while still giving them all the comfort they need. Made with a water resistant canvas, this bed is quick drying and easily cleaned with a garden hose. Perfect for all medium to large sizes pets, the Breezy Bed is a cool way to enjoy a day!


  • Weather resistant canvas resists moisture, UV and mildew.
  • Canopy top protects pet from hot sun.
  • Keeps pets off the ground, away from moisture, fleas and pests.
  • Can be used on any flat surface.
  • Easy set-up & assemble.


  • Medium: 25'' H x 20'' W x 28'' D; for pets up to 30 lbs.
  • Large: 32'' H x 30'' W x 42'' D; for pets up to 60 lbs.

Product Awards:

  • Winner, 2005 Cat Fancy Editors' Choice Award
  • Winner, Pet Business Best New Product Award “

And one reviewer said of this waterproof dog bed, “I know it's designed primarily as a summer bed, but works very well to keep light rain off, too.” – Book Mom

Waterproof Dog Bed(45578)

Peluche Waterproof Dog Bed

“Our Peluche Elevated chew proof dog beds are nearly indestructible. Beds come with a chew proof guarantee. Mat edges are enclosed in the PVC frame to prevent chewing. Great for either indoors or outdoors.”

This product is designed a little differently than the others. They’ve used PVC instead of aluminum, but this dog bed is definitely waterproof, and apparently chew-proof as well. One of their customers said, “My dog absolutely loves this bed! I have it in the living room and she is always on it. In the past she chewed every soft, foamy bed she had - this is indestructible! I did have some difficulty putting it together - Berkers Dog Beds was fantastic and very prompt in answering my questions! I would recommend this to anyone!” – Cock-a-Poo Lover

This is just another great product that you’re able to choose from. Sorry for making your decision a little difficult, but you deserve the best options out there. Good luck!


So if you’re in search of the best waterproof dog beds for your pup, then check any of these out by going to Amazon here. You’ll find the cheapest prices and many more details about each. If you have purchased any of these, it’d be great if you came back and commented to let others know how great your purchase experience was and what you think about the waterproof dog bed. The best of luck to you in your search for your dog’s next bed!

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