The waterproof mp3 player is quite an innovation although it's not that surprising in this advancing world. It's acts as a portable audio player and more. Years ago, when the mp3 player was invented, it was considered as one of the "must have" gadgets especially for music lovers. These days you will see almost everyone walking around with something plugged in their ears. It was really a breakthrough, and then the waterproof mp3 players came out; people just can't help themselves when it comes to making advanced things more advanced.

A waterproof mp3 player is great for swimmers, divers, surfers and other people that are usually exposed to moisture. Since its waterproof, even if you're underwater, it will still work with maximum performance but of course with some limitations. Depending on the depth rating of the device, that's only how deep you can go using it. If you go farther, it might still work but the increasing water pressure may compromise the structural integrity of the device. It's important that you choose the one that best fits for your activities. Aside from underwater adventures, this gadget can also be used in land like any other mp3 players. You can use it during work outs, skiing, biking, skate boarding and many more; basically in any cases where you might you perspire a lot or you can get contact with any source of moisture. Its best that your mp3 player is waterproof so you won't have to worry getting it damaged.

One of the first waterproof players was created by Nu Dolphin. The Dolphin waterproof mp3 player is made of a highly moisture resistant material, aluminum casing and is shaped cylindrically. You can just attach it to your goggles since it has straps that are designed for that specific purpose. It only has 5 control buttons making it easy to operate. Because its waterproof, there are no displays. The status of the player is indicated by the LED's blinking pattern and color. The protective rubber and screw caps are responsible to prevent water from getting the device. A pair of earphones is also included to complete the package. The earphones have silicon extensions that are designed to give a vacuum feeling which means water cannot get in your ears. It also has an internal rechargeable battery that is said to last up to 8 hours of use and a USB cable that's responsible for recharging and loading songs into the device. It comes in different capacities, from 128MB to 2GB. 1GB of memory will hold an average of 250 songs which I think is good enough.

The Swimp3 waterproof mp3 player is made by Finis. It uses bone conduction which means that the device sends the sounds through the cheekbones to the inner ear, making the sound very clear. This device almost has the same features that of the Dolphin's but it is not recommended for everyday use when you're not in the water. The sound quality when used in land is a little bit odd compared to the clear sound you hear when your underwater. Therefore, Swimp3 is not as flexible as the Dolphin.

Both of the waterproof mp3 players mentioned above are equally good for underwater use. They provide entertainment and convenience all at the same time. Anywhere and anytime you want to listen to your favorite tracks, you now can, even if you're taking a bath. Just evaluate the things that you want to do and your budget before getting yourself a waterproof mp3 player for swimming or whatever waterborne activity you're into.