Places to visit in Goa

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The Wax World Museum in Goa, India is one of the places to visit in Goa that you won’t want to miss. It is Goa’s second wax museum, and was opened in July 5, 2008, by the Goa MLA and transport and social welfare minister, Pandurang Madkaikar.

What does the Wax World Museum Have in It?

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The wax figures in the Wax World Museum are made of paraffin wax with real hair and fake eyes and teeth. The Wax World Museum has more than 30 of these totally life sixed depictions of famous Indian people.

One of the displays that many tourists like the most is a depiction of the “last supper.” The display is 22 feet long and weighs 500 kilos. Another favorite is depictions of Mahatma Gandhi, Betlehem and Rada Krishna.

There is even a say no to drugs display that shows why drugs are bad for your body. Plus, there is the usual gift and souvenir shop where you can buy remembrances of your trip to see the Wax World Museum.

Some of its other display statues include Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Shankaracharya, Osho, and Ramkris and Paramahnsa.

Tours are Offered in Hindu and English

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Tourists on Goat trips can take a guided tour and the guide will explain what each and every statue is and who they are and why they are important. They will also tell the tour participants how long it took to make the statue and what it is made of. Tourists can take tours in both English and the Hindu languages. It costs 30 rupees to take the tour and an extra 10 rupees if you want to take pictures.

Who Created the Statues at The Wax World Museum?

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All of the wax figures and displays at the Wax World Museum were made by a man named Shreeji Bhaskaran, who also is the owner of the museum. He is also the owner of the other wax museum in Goa, which opened in March 2007 and is in Ooty, Karnataka. He is most famous for the one on the Last Supper.

The wax depictions were made by the use of a digital computer process along with traditional sculpting methods. Baskaran said that the cost of each one of the statues varies from Rs three to Rs 15 lakhs. It also takes about four months to make each one and uses about 50 kilos of wax. They add in coloring and match the clothing to the exact style and type the real people would have worn. Bhaskaran has been working with wax statues ever since 2003 when he chose it as one of his hobbies.

When Can I see the Wax World Museum?

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If you are on a Goa vacation, you can come to visit the Wax World Museum every day from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Many tourists do just that every day and marvel at all of the life like displays there is to see. The museum is said to be on par with the famous Madam Tussaud’s wax museum in London, England.