Ellis County Courthouse

Ellis County Courthouse in the Town Square

Waxahachie, Texas - A Great Place to Visit, A Great Place to Live

Waxahachie, Texas is a town beloved by many.  The people who live there seem to love its blend of old country charm and growing city convenience.  For those looking to travel to a quaint destination, Waxahachie fits the bill.  There are of course, a couple of rules you need to know to fit in with the locals.  

First, pronounce it right. We learn by our grandparents telling us the old folk tale of the two Indians (yes, the high school mascot is still Indians, and "we ain't changin' it fer no body") sitting beneath a pecan tree in the heat of a summer day. All of the sudden, an egg falls from the bird's nest on the branch above. Oddly though, the egg doesn't break. The two Indians look at the egg quizzically and notice that it starts to crack slowly.  To their surprise, two little bird legs pop out, prop the egg up, and without hatching, the egg runs away. As the two Indians think about what they've just witnessed, one looks at the other and says, "Walks-ee before Hatch-ee".  Hey, its folklore, its supposed to be corny, and likely not true. Nevertheless, it shows somewhat proper pronunciation of the town name, "WALKS-uh-HATCH-ee".

The second thing you need to learn, we move a little slower than most, we smile a little more than most, and we shake hands a little firmer than most.  When someone waves at you, it isn't necessarily that they know you, although that's not out of the question either.  We simply mean it as a way to be friendly.  If you are within speaking distance, expect a "howdy" and a firm handshake.  The first way to tell an out-of-towner is if he gives a limp handshake.  We'll still be friendly to you, but our next question is usually going to be, "so, where ya' from?" 

Now, you need to know where to visit. Here are a couple of links that will give you all the info you want, and a few descriptions from me.

Ellis County Courthouse - The old red stone building and the faces carved into lead to quite the intriguing story.

Rogers Hotel - Maybe its haunted, maybe it's not, but it is still a classy joint with an underground bar.

Oma's (Jiffy Burger) - Everyone who grew up in Waxahachie has fond memories of Oma's. Everything from the tasty burger, to the long neck bottle sodas to the history on the walls. This place has a special spot in Hachie's heart.

Getzendaner Park - a tree filled park that is the starting point for the health and fitness trail, home to playgrounds, pavilions, a creek bed, and of course the....

Chautauqua Auditorium - An intimate gazebo auditorium that can be rented for private functions, but also holds events, plays, musicals and more.

Richards Park - The historic high school baseball field, named for Paul Richards , still referred to as "The Wizard of Waxahachie" 

Catfish Plantation - Another haunted building, but this home turned restaurant offers spectacular food, and light, open dining. They don't play into the haunted theme, thus making the ghosts even more believable.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival - A renaissance festival that is visited by adults and school children far and wide, and with good cause. It is a sprawling area filled with lords and ladies and peasants and nobleman. Not to mention turkey legs and roasted corn! If you decide to visit during the fall, the property is turned into SCREAMS!, the largest haunted park in the state.

Gingerbread Trail Tour of Homes - Owners of immaculately revitalized gingerbread homes open their doors and allow complete strangers to see how a classic home should look. Dates are exclusive, so do your homework before showing up. 

College Street Pub - It truly is where the locals go. 

Bethlehem Revisited - An astonishing portrayal, and live action walk through of the Bible's description of what Bethlehem was like on the night Jesus was born. Plays throughout Christmastime.

Waxahachie Country Club - Semi-Public course that allows for beginners to have a good time, and experts to have a challenge.

Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce - For more ideas

If you take the time to get to know Waxahachie, you will find out why so many of us love Waxahachie, TX.

Waxahachie, TX 75165

Rogers St Bridge
Scarborough Ren Festival