Out catching waves requires not only a keen eye and good balance but quick reactions and agility in your movements. A key component to making quick turns and staying on top of those big waves is being able to stay put on the board. Waxing helps create a nice grip on your board to keep your feet planted right where you want them.


Wait for some warm weather or prepare to wax your board in a warm garage or room.

Apply a small amount of basecoat wax onto the wax applicator. You'll need to try a few different waxing techniques to determine the right hand movement to get a good bump pattern. These bumps are important as they hold the topcoat wax in place and create a nice grippy feel to your board. Try moving in small circular motions, front to back motions, criss cross, or the always popular psycho motion which is just moving the comb all over the board. Find the motion that gives you the most bumps and repeat this motion all over the board. You might need to push down hard on the comb when putting on the wax. Apply more basecoat to the applicator as needed. You'll want at least a 1/2 inch of wax on the board.

Wait for the basecoat to fully dry. Rinse and dry the wax applicator and apply a small amount of topcoat wax to your comb. Apply this top layer using the same motion that worked for you in Step 2. Don't push down as hard because you don't want to ruin those nice bumps you made. Reapply the topcoat to the applicator as needed. Again you'll want at least 1/2 inch of wax put on.

Apply a small amount of fresh top coat wax to your board after your first session in the water. If you see a lot of flaking use the comb edge of your wax comb to create diagonal checkerboard lines in the wax coating to help the wax stick and keep a nice grip on your board.

You can customize your board by applying wax only where you want it. Note that if you do this, the spots you don't wax will lack grip and cause your to take a major spill if you try to stand on unwaxed spots. Use more wax on areas of the board where you want more traction. Check the graphic in the Resources section of this article to see examples of typical wax placements.

Always practice safe surfing and attach your surfing cable from board to leg and be aware of your surroundings, shallow water, and rip currents.