Waxing Your Legs Properly

Waxing your legs properly can be considered an art. Aestheticians are all trained to wax legs in a manner that is the least painful, and leaves them feeling smooth. There is a common misconception that waxing your legs simply involves putting hot wax on them and ripping it off soon after; however, it should be known that a lot more knowledge and effort must be put into it to ensure that it is done properly.

Smooth, unmarked, flush, hair-free legs; every girl wants them, but not many have the knowledge or skills to achieve them out of the comfort of their own home. The amazing thing about waxing your legs properly is that absolutely everybody has the ability to do it, provided that they have the proper knowledge.

This article is designed to provide you with the basic knowledge involved in waxing your legs properly, so that you may save yourself money and time by doing it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Utilize these tips effectively and you will have no problem getting the smooth legs that you desire; moreover, you will be able to get them on your own time, and at a discounted cost by waxing them yourself.

Hair That Is Long Enough

This is one of the most important preliminary steps that should be taken in order to properly wax your legs. The general idea behind this tip is that the hair on your legs provides something for the wax to stick to; if the leg hair is not long enough, the wax simply will not stick. You should allow the hair on your legs to grow to at least 1/4 of an inch before you even think about waxing them.

A simple test to exemplify the importance of this tip is to try and wax your legs when the hair is not long enough. Pick a small section of your legs when the hair has only grown to about 1/8 of an inch, and try to wax it; you will easily see that only a small percentage of the hair will be removed. The wax fully stuck to every hair on that section of your leg; however, the amount of surface area that the wax stuck to that was above the skin was not great enough to provide enough force to pull the hair from underneath the skin. Think of it as a game of tug-of-war; the longer that the hair is, the more people that you have on your side of the rope.

Exfoliate Your Legs

Another important tip to wax your legs properly is to exfoliate the entire area that you will be waxing; this should be done a few days before u plan on waxing your legs. Exfoliating removes all of the dead skin from the area; furthermore, when there is no dead skin present, the hairs come out much easier. This is extremely important because it will ensure that you remove all of the hair throughout the surface of your leg.

Wax In Sections

This is more of a practical tip than a necessary one, in that it is still not a necessary step to wax your legs properly, but it makes it much easier to do so. Waxing your legs in small sections allows you to concentrate on doing a great job within each section because of your ability to analyze the work in each section rather than the entire leg. Analyzing smaller sections usually results in the recognizing of smaller errors. A perfect example of this would be finding a bean in a large pile of dirt; you have a much greater chance of finding it if that pile of dirt was divided into smaller piles than that one large pile. You should wax your legs in small sections simply because it will ensure the most accuracy and consistency, which are two of the main goals when trying to wax your legs properly.

Wax On With The Grain, Wax Off Against The Grain

This is a tip that you should repeat to yourself until it is memorized because it is a necessary step with absolutely every strip of wax that you put on your legs. There is a popular phrase that goes "wax on, wax off"; with a simple modification you can easily remember how to wax your legs properly: "wax on with, wax off against". Repeat this about 10 times and you should have the idea behind it down pat. By waxing on with the grain, and waxing off against the grain you will ensure that the hairs are removed from your leg in the most efficient, and the least painful manner! Since pain is one of the main concerns of waxing legs, this tip should be regarded as one of the "wax commandments".

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

The next tip is one that should be used once you have finished waxing to prevent the dreaded ingrown hairs that can sometimes follow. You should immediately use salicylic acid on the entire waxed area so that you can ensure that the hairs do not grow back in the wrong direction. Not only can ingrown hairs create flaws the next time that you wax your legs, but they are unhealthy and can cause minor problems. This method will not guarantee that no ingrown hairs will grow; however, it will provide you with the best chance for them not to grow back. Salicylic acid is used to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing and can be found in most waxing kits; it is absolutely necessary to wax your legs properly.

Remove Excess Wax

You can wax your legs to a professional standard and have the smoothest legs within 5 miles; however, the look is quickly ruined when you happen to be walking around with leftover wax stuck to your legs! It is the sticky effect of wax that allows the hairs to be pulled from beneath the skin on your legs; furthermore, it is that same sticky effect that makes the excess pieces of wax hard to remove from your legs. A simple and common solution to excess wax is body oil; a quick application of this stuff and that excess wax will surely let loose from your legs. This is also a post-waxing tip, but still just as important as the pre-waxing and during-waxing tips. Ensure that the excess wax is removed and you can surely say that you have waxed your legs properly.

Legs that are waxed so properly that they look like they come from a salon are every girl's dream; the amazing thing about this is that it can easily be achieved by every girl that dreams of them. With the right knowledge and skills absolutely anybody can wax their legs properly from the comfort of their own homes. Not only will this save them a ton of money, but it will also let them wax their legs whenever it is convenient for them rather than their aesthetician. Waxing your legs properly can be learned by anybody, and with the tips that are provided in this article, that learning can be done relatively easily.