Candles add such a romantic touch to our lives, from dinners for two to snuggling on the sofa or doing just about anything. So, adding them to your wedding-a day filled with romance and love-just makes sense. Whether you want to bathe the room in the glow of candles as the only light source or scatter a few about to make your event twinkle, here are 20 ways to include candles to your special day (in no particular order of importance.)

  1. Candelabras add a touch of elegance no matter where you place them-on the tables as centerpieces, on the piano, in the foyer, and even on the bride and groom's table.
  2. Give them as candle wedding favors. Who wouldn't appreciate and use a candle in their home? They're a practical, beautiful and affordable gift.
  3. Group pillar candles of varying heights to create beautiful candle centerpieces. Clusters of candles can accent other areas, like the guest book table.
  4. Light up the walkway, stairs or entry with luminaries for an outdoor wedding. Not only will it look amazing, but it will also be helpful in lighting pathways for safety.
  5. Instead of pew bows, line the aisle for the bridal party's entrance with candles. Indoors, candles can be placed in a stand attached to the pew or chair or votives can be placed on the floor at each pew. Outside, incorporate shepherd hooks to hold lanterns.
  6. Have a romantic, candlelight ceremony with candelabras. Lining the kneeling area of the church with votives, placing them around the sanctuary in window sills, and placing hurricane globes on columns are just a few ways to heighten the effect.
  7. Light a unity candle in the ceremony. It's still the most popular way couples symbolize coming together as one. Whether you use three taper candles or select a personalized pillar candle for the center, they will celebrate your newly formed union with a spark.
  8. Placing votives around the reception hall will add a bit of fairy tale fantasy to the room. Glowing with love, it's a charming touch.
  9. Hang lanterns in trees, along fences or simply place them on the tables for a look that's perfect for garden weddings, Asian/Indian weddings and outdoor events.
  10. Float candles in the swimming pool. A terrific look that turns that big empty space into a glowing oasis, if you're having a poolside wedding.
  11. Give everyone a taper candle to light during the ceremony. If the fire code permits, right before the ceremony the ushers or candle lighters light the candles at the ends of the pews. The first person lights their candle off of the pew candle, and then each person lights the candle of the person next to them until they are all lit. They'll glow during the ceremony. When the official says, "I now pronounce you husband and wife," everyone blows out their candle.
  12. Light a candle in memoriam. For parents, grandparents and close friends, remembering a loved one during your wedding is a special way to have their presence with you as you make this important step.
  13. Surround your wedding cake with votives. It will look fabulous in a dimly lit room and makes quite a presentation before it is cut.
  14. Decorate the guest book table with candles.
  15. Have bridesmaids carry candles instead of a bouquet. Whether you choose a candle in a globe or a lantern decorated with flowers, your favorite ladies will positively glow when they come down the aisle.
  16. Have your invitation put on the unity/pillar candle, and make it a keepsake. Display it at the reception and in your home after the wedding.
  17. Light up the buffet table with candles in hurricane globes. Cluster them in the center or spread them throughout.
  18. Place battery-operated candles in the bathroom, corners of the dance floor or other places that won't accommodate an open flame.
  19. For trendy table décor, place tea lights in a wine glass and cover with a vellum shade. This "mini lamp" will make the table setting more intimate.
  20. With all the stress of planning this once-in-a-lifetime moment, the bride will surely appreciate a few aromatic candles in the dressing room to keep her calm.