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Since the Harry Potter books ended in 2007 and the movies were finally all released in 2011, many fans have begun wondering what they can do to keep their love for the saga alive. While those of us who absolutely love the books have dealt with this issue for almost 6 years, those who enjoy the movies have only had to suffer for around 2. The obvious option if you need more magic in your life is to simply reread the books or re-watch the movies (or even try channeling your love into another magical series), there are many more options of related activities that can help you get your HP fix.


One of the most popular ways that HP fans have dealt with the end of the series since 2007 is by reading and writing fan fiction. This activity actually started many years before the series ended and has been a great way for fans to either relieve their favorite moments from a new perspective or even change the parts they didn’t like. The amazing thing about fan fiction is that there are millions of stories available on the internet so if you are willing to weed through the badly written ones, you will be able to find one you enjoy no matter what character, book or theme is your favorite in the books.

Wizard Rock

Another part of Potter fandom that started well before the books ended is wizard rock. This is the music created by fans of the series and based on the Harry Potter books or movies. While the wizard rock bands are not as active today as they were a few years ago, there are still plenty of options to choose from. You can listen to music that supports either side, songs that are serious and ones that make you laugh. If you have musical talent yourself, why not write some songs and start your own wizard rock band?

Fan Videos

Just because the Harry Potter books and movies are over does not mean that fan videos have stopped. With the increases in technology fan videos have actually gotten even more popular as they are a great way to keep our love for the series alive. You can find everything from the popular short films of Potter Puppet Pals (of which there are dozens) to even A Very Potter Musical (a full length musical on YouTube produced by StarKidPotter). There are even many amateur efforts as well as tribute videos with montages from the movies.


Another great way that some have continued to express their creativity is through artwork. If you do a quick search online you will find millions of pieces of fan art ranging from amazing quality hand drawn items to computer generated images. You can find many family trees of the characters from the Harry Potter books as well with each person represented by a small picture.

Theme Park

One good thing about the producers is that they know their fans. They knew that the Harry Potter books and movies ending did not mean we were done with the series and that is why the built the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" in Universal Studios Florida. Here you can go on rides related to the series and even walk down the streets of Diagon Alley or visit your favorite shops from the books.

Related Books

If you love to read but don’t want to find a new magical series, you can always try some of the parody books on the market. These are “loosely” based on the books but are very obviously related and are great for a laugh. If you want something a bit more serious, you can try reading one of the many books that analyze the series or those that offer explanations of the character’s names and other elements borrowed from mythology.


Even though the Harry Potter books and movies are over, the fans are still organizing yearly conventions. These are a great place to meet other fans and broaden your horizons. They usually include lectures as well as fun social events that allow you to learn more about your favorite series while having a great time.

Comic Con

Because the conventions generally occur only once a year, they are a bit hard to get to. If you want to show your HP love with a geeky crowd that will appreciate it you can head to your local Comic Con. Although these conventions are more for comic book lovers, you will also find plenty of HP fans here and occasionally even actors from the films.

Board Games And Puzzles

Another great way to continue getting your fix even though the books and movies are done is to play HP games. There are plenty of games ranging from UNO to Clue related to the books and there are also original ones such as quidditch based games, trivia ones and even one where you visit Diagon Alley to go shopping. In addition to the games, there are many themed puzzles available that range from easy to hard.


One of the most popular options for fans is to start collecting related items. This can of course include the games and puzzles, but many people also enjoy collecting the miniature figurines depicting characters. There are also stuffed animals representing the animals in the series (such as Fluffy, Fang, Scabbers and Hedwig), toy wands and other reasonably priced collectibles. For those fans with a bit more money to spend, there are also wands available (both replicas from the movie as well as companies such as Alivan’s which will sell you your own unique wand), jewelry (including Luna’s earrings and Hermione’s time turner) and a lot of other items.

Studio Tour

For fans who get a chance to go to London, a great option is to take a studio tour. Here you will find sets and props from the movies that will help you relive your favorite scenes, making it seem as if they never ended.

Visit Related Sites

If you have time to travel and money to spend (or simply live in or near the United Kingdom), one of the best ways to get your Harry Potter fix is to visit sites related to the books and movies. These are anything from where J.K. Rowling started or finished the books to where your favorite movie scene took place.

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