Here's a Few Ways To Earn Some Extra Spending Money Online

When in college, money always seems to be tight since school, books, and housing tends to cost a lot of money.  It's always a good idea to try to make some extra money on the side to help with all these bills.  Many college students today are turning to the internet to help earn some extra money.  There are a few ways that you can earn real money through a few techniques.

One of the most common ways that college kids are making money is through freelancing online.  This would be doing things like graphics, editing, writing articles, and setting up websites.  Many college students can easily find quite a bit of work since there are many people needing these services.  This allows someone the ability to earn extra money on their own time between classes.  Freelancing can turn into full time income once you find enough customers.

Some college students earn extra money online through selling old things on the internet.  There are many places to sell things easily such as Ebay, Craigslist, and Amazon.  In bigger universities, it's easy to find old items that people no longer want especially at the end of the school year when people are getting rid of things.  This technique allows you to earn some extra cash.

Some people in college also earn extra cash through a technique called affiliate marketing.  This is where you sell other people's products through websites or videos making a small percentage of each sale.  While this technique requires a bit more upfront knowledge compared to some of the others, it's a great way of making some extra cash on the internet.  This doesn't provide immediate cash as some of the other methods, but it can provide very good income once set up correctly.  Also it's less demanding as there aren't due dates like the other methods.

If they're really adventurous (or not very smart depending on your view), they can volunteer for Clinical trials. I've seen some data where some trials have paid as much as $250 per day. But you have to think about the side effects. There's been a few of these trials gone wrong leaving volunteers with major side effects. But then, I guess that's why they're trials!

There are many other methods that people do use, but these tend to be some of the most popular.  Starting with these extra cash can be made online allowing a college student to make extra income online while in school.