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Ways For Seniors To Save

As many seniors are having a tough time paying for their expenses on a fixed budget the cost of rising wireless plans isn't making it any easier. In today's world a cell phone isn't just a luxury but now it's a need as this is good for emergencies as well as keeping in contact with those who are helping you as well as family. The prices of the plans from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and so on have basically kept going up along with everything else. Here are a few tips to help you save.

Using Coupons and Deals

Coupons and deals have always been a part of saving money. In the past there weren't many deals available and especially no coupons available to save on phones. Now that most purchase their phones online instead of in the store there are more deals than ever. Looking on phone deal websites will show you the latest deals on everything from a new free phone with 2-year agreement to free activation, free shipping, and percentage off a phone. There are many times when you can find good deals on the monthly plan as well or at least be put in a better negotiating position.

Specific Deals for Seniors

When you are 65+ there are a few perks that you can get ranging from senior coffee to AARP discounts. Most also don't know that there are specific deals for seniors from major wireless providers. This means that you can get your phone for cheaper than normal as well as the monthly cost. For instance, the most popular senior wireless program right now is the Verizon 65 program. This program gives you close to the same plan that's $90 per month for just $60 plus a free phone.

Cut Out The Big Data, Messaging, and Other Expenses

Most seniors (but not all) don't need the big data plans, 1,000's of text messages, and other expenses they try to tack on. If you're not eligible for the senior plans or simply don't want the phones that come with them then look to knock off these expenses. Going with the basic customized plan with more minutes instead of data can save you big on things that you would never use anyways.

So Are You Ready To Save?

As I mentioned before, when you're a senior you're probably living on a fixed budget from retirement, social security, and so on. You can't afford the newest fancy phone and big data plan plus you probably don't want it and wouldn't use it anyways. So follow these tips and hopefully you can save some money on your cell phone plan.