Fastest way to lose belly fat for women

The fastest way to lose belly fat for women is not by doing crunches in the gym or going on a starvation diet that will inevitably only lead to more weight gain in the future. Some of the tips for losing belly fat only require very small changes to your daily routine.

Your diet is a great place to start.  One excellent(and scientifically proven) substitution you can make is to eat more olive oil.  Olive oil contains compounds that tell your body that you are full so you will in turn consume less food when olive oil is added to your meals.  There are many ways to do this including adding olive oil to your salads, dipping whole wheat bread in olive oil, and adding olive oil to your sandwiches instead of mayonnaise or higher calorie spreads(mustard may not have ingredients to make you feel full as olive oil does, but it is calorie free and therefore a good choice as well).
Alcohol is also a major culprit in women putting on belly fat.  It is very important to limit consumption of alcohol to reasonable or modest amounts. Alcohol is full of empty calories and will slow down your metabolism.  Your body recognizes alcohol as a poison, so when you eat while you drink your body eliminates the alcohol before food, which can lead to weight gain in your stomach area. If you are serious about losing belly fat quickly then your alcohol consumption needs to be kept in check.  A glass of wine here and there, or a night out with friends is fine, but drinking alcohol every day will majorly inhibit you from being able to lose belly fat.
Possibly the fastest way to lose belly fat for women has nothing to do with diet and exercise, it has to do with stress.  When you are stressed out your body produces a hormone called cortisol.  Cortisol stimulates fat storage in your stomach, so when your body starts releasing more of it, the more fat your body will store there.  Do something to relieve your stress every day and combat the continued release of cortisol into your body. Whether is be a 20 minute bath, a walk, or anything else that you know calms you down.  Take a few minutes each day to release some of the stress you are feeling even if just for a short time.  The effect of less cortisol being produced by your body can have excellent results for your waistline.
Many waistlines mistakes are actually made not during meals but between meals.  A lot of people are conscience of what they are eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The problem arises between these meals when many people do not realize how many calories they are truly ingesting. One of the most important tips for losing belly fat is watch your snacks.
Never drink calories when you are trying to get rid of belly fat.  The average American woman consumes 450 calories per day in liquids. Drink water instead of sugary drinks, if you need more flavor in your water press a piece of lemon or lime into the glass. Limit your intake of orange juice (OJ is nutritious but extremely high in sugar) and drink only skim milk.  You have to burn 3,500 more calories than you take in to lose one pound of fat.  If you are adding an extra 400 or so calories a day from beverages it is going to take you much longer, and be much more difficult, to get rid of that unwanted belly fat.
When you are snacking stick to unprocessed foods.  This means don't be eating foods that come in plastic wrappers.  Most of these foods are high in calories and preservatives, low in nutrition, and will leave you hungry only a short time after eating them. A good choice is vegetables(such as celery sticks with organic peanut butter) or tomatoes with a little olive oil and a dash a kosher salt.  These snacks can be very tasty, and once you get used to eating healthy snacks your cravings for unhealthy processed foods will decrease substantially.
Taking a vitamin C supplement(or adding it to your diet through foods that are high in vitamin C) can help you in your efforts to losing belly fat quickly.  Vitamin C fights cortisol.  Vitamin C counteracts the effects of the cortisol and can help you keep the weight off of your mid section.
-The statements in this article are not medical advice, they are opinions of the author.  Always consult your doctor before starting any workout routine, dietary changes, or addition of supplements or vitamins to your diet.
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