The current employment sector of the United States implores new ways and unique methods with respect to job application. It is no news that there are thousands and even millions of Americans that are unemployed due to eminent economic difficulties, which is why fresh graduates have to bring their A-game to be able to get a decent and good-paying job. In the advent of the Internet accessibility and availability, the flood gates for drastic and beneficial changes in the employment sector of the country have opened wide for the benefit of the unemployed citizens.

These days, due to social networking sites, job applicants can spare themselves from grueling, stressful, and time-consuming exploits in their job hunting activities. With the use of the available technology, fresh graduates can efficiently and conveniently look for the job they want.

LinkedIn and the US Employment Sector

One of the most used and beneficial social networking websites that are designed for job seekers is LinkedIn. Since its launch on May 2003, it slowly but surely took over the shores of the Internet for the benefit of people looking for their dream career. Started as a young and seemingly aggressive social networking website, LinkedIn has received many positive reviews from netizens who are looking for job. The website is not only beneficial for job seekers but also to companies that want to hire the best of the best in the roster of applicants.

Many success stories were realized through the benefits of LinkedIn. Hundreds of unemployed Americans have landed on modest careers by using their LinkedIn accounts. Additionally, companies that were having problems in finding the best individuals for their openings ended up hiring the best fit for their job positions offered.

LinkedIn Features Fresh Graduate Can Use

They say that there is no way you can get a decent job right after college. For some, such connotation and belief may be applicable, but for those who are maximizing their potentials with respect to job applications, it is not relevant. There are many ways how fresh graduates can land on a respectable job, and using the features of LinkedIn is one of them.

In 2011, LinkedIn has launched a feature geared toward efficiency in job hiring process. The feature benefits fresh graduate applicants in various ways. They can search on companies that they want to apply to and they can view whether that company offers job positions. By doing this, applicants can learn the company’s location, workplace diversity based on male-female employee ratio, and other miscellaneous facts about the company. Another feature that can help fresh grads is the “Apply with LinkedIn” feature. This feature allows website users to conveniently apply to the position they want using their LinkedIn accounts. The applicants’ website accounts can serve as their resume – saving their time from slow and traditional application process.


LinkedIn can be an efficient and convenient tool for fresh grads as long as they will maximize their time in the application process. Having a LinkedIn account is not enough to get you a job, but adding effort and patience to your formula for job application can get one – easily.