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If you coach a youth sports team, have been saddled with the task of trophy acquisition for a competition or event, or are in charge of recognition for a large company with many employees, you may be wondering if you should have the awards or trophies engraved. If engraving is in order, what should the text say, and how should it be designed?

Sports Awards

For awards that are passed out immediately after victory, personalized engraving may not be an option. You can have the trophy plaques engraved with “Most Valuable Player,” the name of the event and the year, and then pass out a paper certificate that has been customized with their name and a logo stamp that reflects the team or mascot.

For other situations, such as bowling leagues, the awards are often handed out the week after completion of the league at a party, and the awards can be customized with the players’ names, as well as their stats for the year. You can also still hand out paper award certificates that have been customized with a personalized rubber stamp featuring the name of the hosting location and the league name.

School Awards

School awards can be engraved with the student’s name and accomplishment. Many schools recognize special achievements for readers or other high achievers, and the student’s name may be engraved on a small plaque and hung in the hallway. This personal recognition by name can be extremely appreciated by the recipient.

Paper certificates can be made special by using a custom stamper for each category of achievement and stamping the corner of the award. This can be a great way to help differentiate similar-looking certificates by noting if they are for language, math, science, athletics, media arts, etc.

Employee Awards

While employee awards are often more appreciated when they are something the employee can use, such as a cash bonus or gift card, engraving their name on a plate for a plaque can make their recognition visible and provide a way to honor employees monthly, annually, or for special service.

In addition to the engraving and a personal gift, a certificate with an endorsement stamp can be greatly valued and even a good addition to the employee’s resume for future reference. Custom made stamps can be created for different occasions (5 years of service; 10 years; etc.) or departments and used on each certificate as needed. Recognition is a key part of employee retention.

 Awards for Businesses

Occasionally a business may receive an online award or recognition in a newspaper. For better visibility, the company could have a custom business sign created with the name of the award engraved on it: “Voted Best CPA in Loganville, 2009.”

Businesses can also benefit from Custom made rubber stamps, which can be used for letterheads, invoices and other purposes. The award mention can be included as a line of print above or beneath the company name and address.

Engraving can make a personal or companywide award more real and increase visibility for the person or organization thus honored.  As for trophies, even if time constraints prevent the name of the champion from being placed on the award itself, a quick moment with a calligrapher’s pen can make their paper award a perfect accompaniment to their bronze, silver or gold one, and a small rubber stamp can seal it for future generations to appreciate.