Candida is a yeast that is found in several parts of the body. Everyone has it in small amounts and it is normally a harmless element that is used as food by certain types of the body's natural bacteria.

However if there is a sudden imbalance in the amount of friendly bacteria in the body, then a growth and increase in candida can occur. It is when it multiplies that it becomes a problem and which results in a yeast infection.

The areas of body that could become infected are the intestinal tract, the stomach, lungs, heart and liver. Many women suffer from a yeast infection in the vaginal area.

There are several ways to treat a yeast infection naturally and if you suffer from candida due to one of the following reasons, you may want to look at herbal remedies for candida.

Ways People Get Candida

  • Contraception

  • Antibiotics

  • Stress

  • Constipation


There have been studies carried out which have concluded that certain types of contraception can be a contributory factor in getting a yeast infection. The synthetic oestrogen contained in the pill has been found to encourage the growth of yeast in the body. Other types of contraception that has been found to cause problems for some women is the copper IUD. It is believed that the copper metal also aids in promoting yeast growth.


Taking antibiotics has been found to cause candida because while the antibiotics are working to clear up a particular infection that you may have, it also destroys the good bacteria. When this happens there is nothing to stop the candida from increasing and causing a yeast infection. It is true to say that not all people who take antibiotics are susceptible but some individuals will be at a higher risk.


If you are under extreme stress, the body releases a particular hormone called cortisol. This affects the immune system which can then activate and accelerate the growth of candida. The more stressed out you are, the weaker your body's defences become so the yeast grows even more.


If you suffer from constipation quite often, you could find that you are a candidate for a yeast infection. This is because the yeast can build up in the digestive tract, particularly when there isn't much activity and movement. This becomes a fertile breeding ground for candida.

Thankfully there are several ways to treat candida so you do not have to suffer in silence. You have the choice of treating candida with herbal remedies or consulting with your doctor for a prescription to clear up the condition. The best solution is to get as much information as you can so that you can decide what type of treatment will suit you.

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