As you get older, you need a way to get money without bugging your parents, family or friends for it. Maybe your saving up for a pair of shoes, or a car, or a trip to Boston. Maybe you just want some extra money at hand to use to go to the movies or into town with your friends after school. Well, here's the guide that will help you make money fast and tax free.


  1. Send an e-mail out to your neighbors or close friends for babysitting. You will be surprised at how many people will actually consider it. Type up a short ad saying your name, age, contact information and a few reasons why they should hire you. These reasons should be responsible, mature, a hard-working person, reliable, etc... Don't add your rates or anything. If they want to see them, write that they will be available upon request. This also makes you appear more mature. Once your done, add some color and maybe even a background or border to make it look more appealing. Once your done, send it as an attachment to all you neighbors and friends. There you go, a quick and tax free job!

  2. Start an e-bay account. You need to ask your parents first though!An e-bay account is great because you can sell old things and make money off of it. You can sell your old Harry Potter books. Trust me, this is a big demand during the holiday season. You can sell old hand bags, movies, play station games, even jewelry. You just need to make sure that everything is in proper and decent condition. Take pictures and upload them onto your account. Start with reasonable prices. Sometimes, if you item is really good, there will be many bids and the price can even increase.

  3. If you are old enough, send out a ad for tutoring. Parents love high school students to assist their children with math homework. Set a rate of about 10 dollars an hour. Most professional tutors are 30-45 dollars an hour so parents will defiantly hire you to help their children. Only send out tutoring ads if you are an above average student, or if you happen to excel in a certain subject. Do not forget to ad this on the paper as well.

  4. If tutoring doesn't work, and you play an instrumental like the piano or guitar, send out a flier for lessons. You can also send out a flier for cocktail parties. If your neighbors have many parties, ask them if they could pay you 20 dollars to play for an hour or two. This gives you good practice and allow other people to see your talent. Make sure that you have enough songs to cover an hour. If you decide to teach young children how to play, find an old book or print out easy songs and charts to star out with. Your goal is to make them excited for their next lesson.

Hopefully, these will help you rack up as much money as you can. If it doesn't work, try going to some local stores and ask if they have any job applications. You do need to be 14 and older however, working part time as a high school student looks great on college applications and gives you about 150 dollars a month, depending how much you work.