Building A Website

Before I start with this article I'll have to tell you some things that you'll need to have your website up and going. You'll obviously need a website first or a YouTube channel if YouTube is what you're into. You can get a website from many online seller. Once you find the right online store or seller get a website. However before you buy a website your going to need a domain.

A domain is just the name of your website with a .com, .net, .org whatever you want. So if you want to buy a website called Timbers Office Supply itll be a www and then Timbers Office Supply dot-com. Once you have purchased your domain then you'll have to buy a website builder program most of the good ones cost about 120 dollars a year. There are lots of programs that make website find the one you like.

Then when you have bought a website builder build your domain into a website with the website builder, but remember if you cancel the website builder your website goes offline as well. You can decide from different colors, pictures, background etc. Then once your done you'll be able to publish your website online. When this happens then its time for you to start attracting traffic.

How To Attract Traffic

 Before you start bringing in traffic you'll first have to think why you're creating the website. Different people have different reasons to create websites based on there needs. Most people do it for the money they get when people click on their ads and they get paid. If you don't want that it's totally fine if you're in it for a personal website or an informative website it's still pretty much the same thing. So decide on that first or you may get confused later on.

 If it's for the money then a few different things may apply. First off you'll need a website that pays you when people click on your ad it could be Adsense, or whatever you want. Once you have that and a website create interesting content by editing your websites daily. Make sure you put good stuff, and hot topics that most people will search up. Also place ads were people can see them don't place them all the way at the bottom or side were people wont even care to look.

 Keywords are the key to making money or just attracting traffic. Use Keywords that most people use. If you can't think of any just think of some of the words you use allot on google. Hot keywords can attract lots of traffic. Make your website interesting if it's not good more likely people wont come back or suggest it to any of their friends. Dont plagiarise content either you'll get caught fast and then nobody will want to look at your website so make original content.


Traffic Image


Additional Infromation

 So now you've seen the most used ways to attract traffic. Don't do anything illegal though because you'll eventually get caught. Also using a website like AdWords can help promote your website this does cost money though. Still this should help you if you are into online business because traffic is the most important thing that you can have for your website. Have fun making your website, and attract lots of traffic.