Ways To Bring Out Your Inner Child

Finding Your Inner Child

As we grow older, we start to lose the voice of our inner child.  It slowly seems to disappear as life becomes more and more serious through the responsibilities of being an adult.  As long as our lives last, the inner child within all of our being still exists, the problem is, we are constantly covering it up.  There are several ways to bring out your inner child.  Finding your inner child isn't as hard as you might expect, despite how complicated and serious our adult lives become.  It is yearning to break free from all of us and surface, first you must agree to bring it forth.

Finding your inner child may seem impossible, but I've discovered several ways to bring out your inner child.  If you follow these different suggestions, you may come closer to finding your inner child.  The first way to bring out your inner child, is you must be willing to allow it to happen.

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Finding your inner child is the best stress reliever, but to allow it to thrive, you must remove stress from your life.  We all remember the carefree lifestyle of youth, and this goes hand in hand with the voice of our inner child.  Our inner child automatically is void of stressful life situations, and with it's voice, stress disappears.  To start finding your inner child, you have to cut large stressful situations from your life.  If your job stresses you out, try different methods to remove the stress.  Focus on the good things in life instead of the bed, for this is what we used to do as children.  Set your mind and goals on the positives instead of the negatives.

Another way to bring out your inner child, is to embrace the fun things in life.  Create fun situations!  Go to the park with your friends or family and just spend time having a fun time.  Go on a hike with loved ones, and embrace the good moments.  Play sports with those around you, or watch a comedic movie.  The best way to find your inner child is through fun and laughter.  We often get caught up in our worklives and stressful relationships, but the voice of the inner child is telling you to have fun and be more carefree.  Try using the imagination that you had when you were a child.  Write or draw in order to allow your inner child to surface.  If you have children, try playing with them every once in a while.  If they are younger, use your imagination and play with their toys with them, if they are older, try doing things with them that they enjoy.  This will reduce yourself, help you in your quest of finding your inner child, and allow your family bond to grow stronger.

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The best way to bring out your inner child with your love interest, is to go on the types of dates that you used to when you were younger.  Take them out to dinner and a movie, go on a picnic, or go bowling, etc.  Try being creative liek you used to be, this will allow the voice of your inner child to surface.  Finding your inner child will also help your loved one find their inner child, thus relieving stress in both of your lives, and allow you to have more fun.

Another way to bring out your inner child is to take a nostalgia trip.  Embrace the different elements of your youth that you used to enjoy, and you will embrace the voice of your inner child.  Watch the old movies that you used to love, watch old television shows on the internet that you used to watch (through netflix or other forms of online media), play old board games with your family or friends, listen to music of your youth, and simply allow your inner child to surface through these mediums.  You will find that it will take you back to your youth, and your state of mind will enter the same state that it was in when you were a child, and allow it to happen.  Your youth will rise, thus removing the stressful situations of your adulthood, and allow you to be more carefree.  Remember to let your inner child take over, and soak up the feeling.

We must live as adults, however the voice of your inner child will help you.  If you've followed these ways to bring out your inner child, then finding your inner child should come easily.  They are guidelines that will help us remove the negatives in our life and embrace the simplicity of our youth.  Once we allow our inner child to surface, life will become easier and more enjoyable for us.