There are many great ways for you and your family to celebrate the Easter holiday and here are just a few of them.


Attend an Easter sunrise service.  Many local Christian churches and local congregations hold these services which often depict the events of Jesus’ life, including his trial, beating, crucifixion, burial and triumphant return from the grave.  These services usually begin very early in the morning but are well worth the effort to have a memorable time with family, friends and strangers alike to see what the true meaning of Easter is all about and why we celebrate it.


Volunteer your time to serve others in your community during the Easter holiday weekend.  This could be using your time to serve meals to the needy in a local soup kitchen, participating in a community event such as a children’s Easter egg hunt or by paying a visit to some elderly shut-ins in the community or to a local retirement home.  Jesus himself said that he came to this Earth not to be served but to serve and we should do no less.  Serving others with our time is the most precious thing we have that we can give to others, so let us share it freely.


Spend quality time celebrating the holiday with family, friends and loved ones.  Take time with one another by having a family meal together, attending church or taking your children, nephews or nieces to an Easter egg hunt and dying Easter eggs.  At these events have time together just enjoying each others company and reflecting on the true meaning of Easter.


Start a new tradition (or continue and old one) by giving small gifts to express your love and remind people of the true meaning for the Easter season.  Children especially love these.  Chocolate candy depicting crosses, Easter bunnies and eggs as well as fresh flowers make popular seasonal gifts.  The gifts could be anything really just as long as they are given from the heart.  The joy of seeing the faces of unsuspecting friends, family and who ever you wish to give to is worth more than the cost and enriches memories of the season.


Happy Easter.