When it comes to ways to fall asleep naturally, there is no quick solution. Falling asleep can seem like an uphill battle when you are dealing with insomnia or a couple rough nights of tossing and turning. The previous night's tossing and turning is more than uncomfortable, it can wreak havoc on your daily routines.

Sleeping pills are definitely not one of the natural ways to fall asleep fast. Because sleeping pills can be addictive, you should try to avoid them and if you do use them, only do so with caution. In fact, it's actually more difficult for your body to get to sleep on it's own when you discontinue the use of OTC sleeping pill medications such as Unisom because your body is used to the effects.

Here are some alternative easy ways to fall asleep naturally without the aid of OC sleeping medications. Though these solutions may not work overnight or rid you of insomnia, with the right combination, your sleepless night will be history and you'll know what it's like to have many ways to fall asleep naturally any night of the week.

In getting a good night's sleep it's not always about what you are doing but sometimes it's about what you aren't doing. Getting more sleep is possible if you get rid of some of these things.

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*Don't eat meals late at night. It is said that a calm stomach can also give you a calm mind. *Don't drink too much caffeine. Don't drink coffee after 12pm. Though caffeine is safe, it is still a stimulant and can prevent you from getting a good night of sleep. *Get rid of distractions in your bedroom. Phones, computers, and televisions all can keep you awake. It's easy for some people to ignore these items and get to sleep, but if you're an insomniac, then you're going to be distracted and kept awake. Remove them from your bedroom. *Though reading books is a relaxing activity, reading when you should be trying to sleep is not a good idea. You should designate a specific time to read or take the book off your bedside table.

When trying to find ways to fall asleep faster naturally, realize that your problems with sleep did not develop overnight. Over time, you "forgot" how to fall asleep as easily as you used to.

Retraining your brain is a the most natural and fastest way to fall asleep. You should develop a routine of mind-mellowing behaviors. Any of the following things would be useful for you to adopt and include in your routine.

Getting Ready for Bed

*Bathe in Warm Water. A body wash scented with Lavender or Chamomile will relax your senses. *Prepare everything you will need the following morning. If you have everything ready for the next morning, when the time comes, you can remain focused on the next days plans. *Eliminate background noise. Try to silent or remove as much noise as possible in your house. Turn off items such as the television, washer, dryer, and dishwasher. Keep your door shut to reduce hearing the noises made by others in your home. White noise and soft music are the only noises you should hear. (See below)

*When finished brushing your teeth Have a small amount water. You don't need to drink so much that you'll need to use the bathroom. About 4 ounces, or enough to rid your mouth and throat of any tastes is good. *Turn off all lights in the room. If you must have light, try a dim night light.

When in Bed

*Dress in comfortable pajamas. *You may find different types of pillows helpful. If you sleep on your side, then a memory foam pillow at your head and between the legs could support your spine and help you sleep better. If you have problems with snoring then a snore pillow could help you out. *Give your temples a massage. As you lay on your back, press the pad of your fingers gently to your temples. Massage your temples with your eyes closed. This relaxation technique is both calming and clearing for your mind. *Use a fan to circulate the air in your room. The fan can also be your source of white noise.

*Different types of music such as Celtic Spa can help to relax you. It's okay to play the music near your bed so long as it is a few feet away from your head. Set the music device so that it will repeat and provide continuous music throughout the night. The best nighttime music smoothly transitions between songs.

These are some easy ways to fall asleep and if you try them all out, some of them should work for you. If this does not work for you, you could try out some natural cures for Insomnia

I cant sleep