Are there ways to get an ex back? People often don't realize what they've lost until it's gone. While relationships can be difficult to maintain, they typically don't compare to the hardships suffered after the relationships are seemingly over. Some will endure months or even many years of what they deem a bad relationship before ending it, while others will end it prematurely, before the relationship has even had time to solidify. Whatever the case, there are ways to get an ex back.

Take a time-out

Inhibiting all communication might seem like the exact opposite of what you're attempting to accomplish. However, if you've been pleading and harassing your ex up until now, you should realize that approach rarely works. Taking a break allows you to get out of your rut and let your ex have a chance to miss you. If you constantly hound your ex, he or she will only realize even more that breaking up with you was the right choice.

Better yourself

In order to be in a condition that will win back your ex, it's essential that you feel good about yourself. You might feel poorly about yourself right now. Although you may not feel up to taking measures to change how you feel about yourself, you need to force yourself at first. Eventually it will come naturally. Start with the concrete steps; ensure you are putting healthy things into your body. Certain foods will cause you to feel worse, heightening your sense of anger, anxiety or depression. Others foods will keep your body healthy and your mind positive. It's also cructial to get enough sleep. Although sleep is often over-looked, not getting enough causes many maladies and discomfort. Getting adequate sleep boosts your health and your appearance.

Get out

Although you may not feel like going out after a break-up, you'll also have to force yourself to do this. Join a fitness facility, take up a hobby, find a new hang-out spot, and meet with friends when you can. However,  make sure you don't go diving into meaningless relationships either. This will do nothing for your self-esteem and, above all, it will not accomplish anything towards you getting your ex back. If your ex finds out you're been seeing other people, he or she will believe even more that the breakup was the right decision. It just shows your ex that he or she really was unimportant to you.

Take action

Once you better yourself in the "separation stage", it is then appropriate to consider contacting your ex. This is a topic for another article, but if you are attempting to get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back, these are the first foundation steps. It's all about working towards improving yourself and your image to others.