I feel that the most important factor when trying to earn money by writing article for InfoBarrel is the number of articles you have. It is a numbers game. Yes social bookmarking, do follow links, and SEO are very important but the most important factor is the number of articles you have written and published.

If you have 10 articles that use well researched keywords that are high paying, are all social bookmarked, and have high PR return links and compare them to somebody else who did no SEO, no social bookmarking, and no keyword research but has 100 articles published whom do you think would make more money each month?

I am not saying not to do keyword research, SEO, or social bookmarking. Those are all important and should be done. The problem is a person will spend 1 day researching out keywords, 1 hour writing a new article and then 1 week of social bookmarking and researching out another high paying keyword.

At the end of a month the person has 4-5 new articles on InfoBarrel. That's not going to make you much money. If you truly want to make great money on InfoBarrel then you need to write a lot of articles. Go ahead and research some long tailed keywords to use. Make a huge list of keywords you want to use that are high paying. GO ahead and social book mark your articles. Go ahead and read articles about SEO and how you can implement some of the strategies. You need to do these things. You just need to keep in mind that you can spend too much time doing these things and not enough time producing new content.

Stream Line

When you are researching long tailed keywords you want to use for articles make an afternoon of it. Spend 4-5 hours making a large list of keywords you will use in future articles.

Spend an hour or two each week reading about SEO.

After you publish each article go ahead and social book mark it at the social sites you use such as Xomba or FaceBook. When you are posting the link to FaceBook do not get distracted by FarmVille or some other time wasting activity.

When you are writing a new article you may get an idea for another article or a similar article. Go ahead and make a note of it. As soon as you finish writing your article go ahead and immediately start writing your next article. If you are in the "Zone" you do not want lose your focus and energy by stopping to publish an article, spell check an article, look for an image for an article, or anything else that will help you lose your focus.

If you can type out 5-10 articles in one sitting then that is great. You can then publish your articles when you choose too.


InfoBarrel has a great forum. You can learn all kinds of tips and tricks as well as bond with other InfoBarrel writers. InfoBarrel is not an extremely busy forum as of yet. It is fairly easy to stay up to date with everything that is going on. The problem is that when the forum gets busy in the future as membership to the site grows you will see many people who spend more time on the forum then they do writing new articles.

Ehow is just pone example. You see people that make 20-50 new posts a day in the forum yet they rarely add new content to there folio. Instead of spending 3 hours on the forum interacting with people spend the 3 hours writing new content. Staying involved with the community through a forum is very important. You can pick up all kinds of tips, advice, motivation, and encouragement simply by being involved with the forums. You just need to make sure that you spend A LOT more time writing new content than hanging out in the forum. If you spend too much time on the forum each day it will Zap away the time and you will not have any time left to write new articles.


When you have a few hours on the internet you need to focus. If you want to increase the amount of money you make you have to add a lot of new articles. Instead of checking your email as soon as you log in write an article first. If you check your email as soon as you log on there are so many ways you could easily get distracted and waste the next few hours. Maybe you are forwarding a funny joke you got, answering a friends email about a party, clicking on a Viagra ad, whatever. Email can ZAP all your article wring time away. If you first write an article and then check your email you may still get distracted by your Email but at least you will have wrote 1 article for the day.


Many articles you write for InfoBarrel will nee dot be researched. The problem is that if you are easily distracted you will spend a few hours researching yet actually accomplish nothing.

Write the first paragraph of your article and then start your research. As you research you can always add to, change, or modify anything you have already wrote. You need to use research time to verify facts as well as learn more about the articles topic. If you stay focused then research is simply a tool too help you write a quality article. If you do not stay focused then you research will turn into general web surfing and you will waste all of that time. If you are easily distracted try to write about topics you know.

Instead of going to the bar go to your closest. Lock yourself in your closet with your laptop and start writing. Anywhere you can get left alone. If you can spend 8 hours writing non stop you can increase the number of articles you have. When the articles begin to age and earn more money you may get motivated enough that you write even more. The more you wronger the more you make.


If you are writing an article about a topic then as soon as you are done you can write an article that is similar to the other articles topic. If you wrote about surfing in California for an article you could then write an article about Surfing Vacations in California. A lot of the research you did can be used yet again for the new article yet the substance of the content is different. One research project can yield multiple articles.

Just Write

No Excuses. Write! Right Now Write! Anytime you get some time write. Make time to write. If you do not write many articles then you will only earn a few cents a day and still have to go to your crappy job. If you write a whole bunch of articles each month you will make more money and get closer to being able to quit your job. The more you write the closer you get to freedom. The freedom of not having a 9-5 job. The freedom of not having a boss. The freedom to go to your daughters school activity regardless of when it is because you work for yourself. You are a web content creator. Because you have wrote a massive amount of article and won't quit.

If you want to make a lot of money on InfoBarrel then you need to seriously write articles. 1 or 2 articles a week will take way too long. If you want to make great money on Adsense and be able to quit your job to write full time then you need to write a lot of articles and you need to start now.

By the end of this year I will have at least 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel. How many will you have?