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Chances are if you are reading this article you may not be looking forward to the holidays or maybe you are and you're just curious about what information I'm about to give to you. I'm going to explain different ways you can keep yourself happy during the holidays. These will be my personal opinions and perhaps experiences so, I hope you enjoy my information. Everybody knows how rough the holidays can be with certain family members, expenses, etc.

Some people go crazy at this time of year and personally I find it rediculous. Christmas isn't supposed to be about who has the most gifts or how much somebody spent. Alot of people lost touch of this reality probably because of the media, their friends or their family. Some people have friends or families that mistreat them during the holidays purposely or by not even realizing what they are doing. So, I know some people go away to avoid this issue with their families, which I think is a good idea if you can afford it but, really you shouldn't need to do that. We should be able to be with our families and enjoy being with them; right?

Things You Will Need

You will need to have an open mind and sometimes may need to put on fake smiles or laughs.:) You will also need a nice outfit to wear, perhaps a little make up (if you're a woman). Last but not least it's good to have a sense of humor and a little patience

Step 1

First things first, you need to look good. If you look good you'll feel better about yourself and others will most likely compliment you also. So, if you can afford it buy yourself a nice outfit just to wear at this time. There's alot of sales this time of the year so you should get a good deal. If you can't afford a new outfit, wear something nice you may already have and add some accessories to it. If anybody at your dinner or familie's home ends up saying something rude to you about how you look, don't let that bother you just think about who it's coming from and also know that some people say or do things to others just because it may make them feel better. Just remember that.

Step 2


Okay sometimes we get presents that may offend us or even make us wonder why someone may had bought us this useless or odd gift. This is where that fake smile comes in. Try it and thank them. Don't just do it the one time either. Thank them again after awhile. Who cares if the gift is useless or just plain old stupid; you'll figure out what to do with it later when you go home. I'm sure it won't ruin your life or have a huge negative impact on your life. If anybody says anything ignorant or thoughtless about what you bought them just let them know how hard they are to buy for and let them know that Christmas is supposed to be about family and friends getting together and celebrating and many other things so, you weren't aware that your gift was going to make them unhappy.:) That should make them feel bad about acting like a jerk. If not, they have just issues. Again, don't let them bother you. Just think to yourself, you can go home soon.

Step 3

laugh (34178)

This is my last step, laughing. Need I say more? Laughing is a great thing to do. If it's way too hard to laugh maybe try thinking about the last thing you recall that made you laugh and perhaps that will help you. Keep that smile, keep looking happy, perhaps this will all make you happy. Sometimes, I may be in the crappiest mood when I'm at someone's house or even out in public and what I do is keep smiling and I do laugh. It feels good.

What's sad is that people don't think about other people in different countries that are suffering , homeless people, people who don't have families or even someone that's never ever had a big Christmas dinner. It's so sad. I get annoyed sometimes this time of year and I do get stressed just like alot of other people probably do. But, the thing is at times I do sit there and think of or I may even see someone outside downtown looking very alone and struggling to get their next meal. We need to think and be kind to these other fellow human beings when we see them and know that this could be our dad, mom, brother, sister or son or whomever; it could be us oneday; we don't know this. Lets be happy that we have someone to share the holidays with. Everybody has different personalities, opinions, big deal. Let them, we will live and we are always creating different memeries to look back at during this time, good or bad. Let the holidays be a time of celebration and being thankful for having what you have.

Tips & Warnings

All of what I'm saying is my opinion of course, but true.