Ways To Make The Workday Go By Faster

Making It Through The Workday.

One of the most daunting tasks of human existence is the boring desk job.  The 9 to 5 work routine can sometimes be too much to cope with.  There are several helpful ways to make the day go by faster at work.  All of the different methods that I've crafted come from firsthand experience.  I've worked in a cubicle and had to find several different ways to make the hours on the job fly by faster.  There's nothing worse than staring at the tiny clock on the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen, and actually realizing how long the day is going to be.  This leads me to the very first way that you can make the day go by faster at work.  The first step to speeding out your day is to cover the tiny clock in the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen.  Without being constantly reminded of how long the workday is lasting, your workday will fly by.  I suggest putting a small sliver of a post-it note to cover up the clock.  Write an encouraging message to yourself on the post-it note.  This may seem completely pointless, but it honestly helps.

Napping At Work

Another way to make the workday go by faster, is to try your hardest at your job.  Sometimes slacking off seems to be the easier way out, but honestly, hard work and determination will help the hands of the clock speed up.  If you give your job your all while you're there, time will go by way faster than it would have if you only gave your job 50% of your energy.  Doing your best is also very rewarding, and will eventually be noticed by someone.  Focus your energies on performing the best at your task, and you'll start making it through the workday at an easier rate.

The best way to make the workday go by faster, is to become friends with your coworkers.  I understand that you've been forced into an environment with these people that you probably have absolutely nothing in common with, however these friends will almost always help you in making it through the workday.  Conversation with coworkers may be somewhat dull, and your primary conversational topic may be work or some sports team you really don't care for, but the conversation will make the workday go by faster.  Human interaction will speed up time, and kill the absolute mundanity of the workplace.  I'm not telling you to become "besties" with your coworkers on the job, but it's a good idea to have a typical coworker-friend relationship with them.  This can also help to your advantage if you ever need any favors done in the workplace.  Coworker friends will almost always trade hours with you if you ever need to take off, they will sometimes perform different tasks that you may need if a certain deadline is approaching, and will almost always help you with anything you're having trouble with.  I've worked with people before that I never thought that I could carry on a conversation with, and attempted to become friends with them in order to make the workday go by faster, and it turned out that they were actually cool people.

If your job allows it, bring in an mp3 or a CD player and listen to music while working (or have a number of songs on your computer).  A good album is a good way to make the workday go by faster.  Listening to music while you work can make your job so much more enjoyable, thus making your day go by faster.  Music can be therapy if you're job makes you upset.  It's the same reason why prisoners in chain gangs used to sing songs while busting up rocks, and the same reason why the seven dwarves whistled while they worked.  It relieves you of focusing only on your work, and allows external enjoyment to take place in the workplace.  I understand that not all jobs allow you to listen to music while working, however some desk jobs do, and if that's the case, you should take advantage of that (also, if you'd like a good music recommendation, check out my article for upcoming music releases).  Music will definitely help you in making it through the workday.


I hope some of these ways to make the workday go by faster, actually work for you.  They have helped me out so many times when I thought that I would never make it through the workday.  Breaking up the constant routine is always a good way to make life a little more enjoyable.