There are countless of ways to make your hair grow faster. If you think they are difficult to pull off, you may start thinking again. The techniques are actually simpler and less costly than you think. All you will need to do is maintain your mane properly. Proper maintenance of your hair does not only mean regular washing or shampooing but also making sure you keep the strands moisturized and therefore, dandruff-free.

Give your hair the right kind of nourishment it needs and you can be sure you will have longer and dandruff-fee hair.

Free your hair from dandruff - Keeping your hair moisturized is one good way to help make it grow faster. But then how can it be moisturized if there is dandruff caused by severe dryness? Therefore, wash your hair regularly but not too often, else its natural oils and nutrients would be stripped off. Washing it every other day or even just thrice a week might help in keeping it clean, and using an anti-dandruff shampoo sparingly would be of great help.

Nourishing your hair from the inside - Proper diet is one of the proven effective tricks to make your hair grow faster. It was found that vitamins A, E, C, and the B Vitamins could help your hair grow faster by nourishing it from within. Eating a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables might be helpful in doing so while taking vitamin supplements might be able to compensate for any vitamin that you might be lacking.

Choosing the most gentle shampoo and conditioner - It is advised that you choose the gentlest products that contain natural ingredients. Stay away from those products that have too much coloring, fragrances, foaming elements, or other synthetic elements. You may try picking at least two different brands and alternately use them. For instance, you can change your shampoo every month or two such that your hair would be replenished better.

Stop hurting your hair - You may be used to wearing tight pony tails, but doing so creates permanent damage to your mane. Wear your hair loose and you will see how it can help your hair grow freely sans all the damage due to excessive friction caused by such pulling and tugging. Be choosy about wearing hats or caps, as the fabric on such headwear might rub against your hair, causing you to develop some split ends.

These tricks to make your hair grow faster will work best if you will pay close attention to even the minutest details of your daily activities. Committing yourself to growing your hair perfectly requires a great deal of effort; but if you do this right, you can be assured that your hair would grow faster, healthier minus all the dandruff and achieve the length that you want. Keep in mind that growing it fast is one thing, and maintaining its beauty and dandruff-free is another - so make sure that you consider all these as you grow your hair clean and fresh-feeling.