Where's my money?

Have you ever had that defining moment where you pried open your wallet, about to pay for your sandwich at Subway and left hungry, pondering where all your hard-earned bucks slipped off to? Or is that just me? Either way, we've all had that scatterbrained moment in life: Where is my money? Here's how to keep George from straying from his rightful place in your pocket.

Skip the latte. A trip to Starbucks once a month may seem innocent enough, but when you realize that Frappucino and muffin cost the same as Netflix for an entire month, you will realize your money is better spent elsewhere.

Don't go to the mall every weekend. Did you really need that $60 bra from Victoria's Secret anyway? While the new-clothing fairy may come tempting you, window shopping is not the answer. Looking at those new video games will only make you want them more, especially when The Legend of Zelda is staring you straight in the face. Instead of going to the mall, try strolling in the park. Besides, as much as you may want that Coach purse, putting your focus on nature instead of consumer items may make you appreciate something else.

PeacockCredit: Zana Pommier

You never know what you might see in the park.

Borrow when possible. Do you really need that collection of DVD's anyway? When was the last time you actually pulled out that dusty Jurassic Park movie? More likely than not, you have a friend or a local rental store where you can get a quick fix on your evening craving for movies or video games. Are you bored with your closet? You probably have a friend who feels the same way. Sort out all the clothes you no longer want and swap with Sally down the street.

Cut out unnecessary bills. Still got that home phone plugged in, huh? Who needs two phones? And why is your cable fighting for attention with your Hulu Plus? More likely than not, you do not really need duplicates of similar services. Decide what you like better and cut something out. Still standing in the shower for an hour? Well, have I got news for you: It will give you more wrinkles, not less. Save on your water bill and turn the water down when shaving those legs that have not seen the sun since last summer.

Shop secondhand stores. When the urge to shop strikes and you can not hold it back, pull those quarters out of the sofa cushions and check out secondhand stores and garage sales. While first impressions may remind you of your grandma's musty smelling attic, you may be surprised when you dig around and uncover that book you’ve been wanting to read for a dollar, or you snag a deal on a decent recliner. Having something new does not always have to be so... new.