Go Green and Save

The following are the tips:


Instead of spending more than $10 on a fancy café latte, make your own.  Invest in a coffee plunger and buy some good beans, and you are in your way to gourmet coffee every morning minus the expenses.  If you are lazy to make it at home, see if your workplace has a percolator or coffee machine.  Bring a tumbler to work and make your own cuppa, instead of detouring on the way ti work and getting one from a coffee place.  Being able to choose your own beans is also a plus.  This way, you can make sure you only purchase fair trade coffee farmers make a better living.

YOU SAVE: At $10 or more pop, you are looking at saving of $3,650 a year! That is a lot of coffee plungers and beans!


Did you know that you can re-use your old T-Shirts in so many ways.  You can turn them into floor mats, headbands, re-fashioned tops and more.

YOU SAVE: At an average of $30 for a new fashion T-shirt, you are saving quite a lot per T-Shirt.  Let’s save the world, one T-Short at a time.


Composting reduces household waste and you get a healthy garden!  When you turn your household waste into compost, you are reducing the burden on rubbish dump sites, and you are doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint.  If you have space in your garden, composting is just a simple matter of digging a hole in the ground and burying your household waste in it.  However, if space is a premium, you can get a compost bin from any gardening supplies store.  A compost bin is ideal for use in apartments and small houses.  Just throw your vegetables and fruits shaving into the bin, and wait for the nutrient-rich plant food at the end of three months.  Look up composting on the internet and you will find a wealth of information

YOU SAVE: It is hard to put a monetary value on the reduction of waste, but your children and your children’s children will thank you!


If you are already given away scores of books and you are still left with a lot, try drawing on them.  That’s right.  Tear out the pages of the books and make works of art in them.  It will be a change from drawing on blank paper, and you might get inspiration from the words in the books.  If you are good enough, you can even sell your unique pieces of art.

YOU SAVE: You are not only saving money on art paper, you might even be able to make some from selling your art.


Paper statements, that is.  If you are signed up for online banking, tell them to stop sending you paper statements.  You will save on storage AND save a tree at the same time.  Most telcos now offer a $3 to $5 saving if you opt to go without paper statements.  Take this option.  Think about it, what do you do with your statements anyway?  Throw them out?  This is a great way to go GREEN.

YOU SAVE: At $5 a month, you save $60 a year.


If you have some threadbare or old bed sheets, don’t throw them out.  Use them to make blankets. They would be soft from years of wear and are perfect to sew into throws or bedspreads.  If the patterns are less the desirable, cut them up and use them to make into a patchwork quilt.  Or use the less attractive pattern as the backing of the blanket.  You can also use the bedsheets as picnic or beach blankets, instead of shelling out money for a new one.

YOU SAVE: New blankets cost anything from $80 to a couple of hundreds.  You would be saving money AND ending up with something one-of-a-kind.


Do you know that the sprays from perfume harm the air around you, and the stuff that they use to make the scent is a known carcinogen?  So do your skin and the air a favour and stop using it now.  To get fragrance that is good for you, go for natural essential oils that will not cost you an arm and a leg, literally.  Instead of shopping the designer aisles, turn to shops that sell little bottles of oils.  Go for scents like lavender and rose, or stronger ones like musk.  A little essential oil goes a long way, and you will find that little bottle lasting you for months.

You SAVE: Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for designer scents, you will probably not spend over $30 for good essential oil.